July 21, 2017

Photobucket Screwed Me

Checking on my Blog today, I noticed that the majority of my images were not loading properly. I am so sorry for not noticing it sooner. Apparently, Photobucket, which I had been using for years decided it is now going to make their users pay monthly if they want to link/show the images they upload on there anywhere else. So,  I have been trying to change them over to here for the past few hours while I have someone here working on the house (that is another story entirely). 

While I've been diving into the past and looking at old blog posts, I realize how different I am, how much I do miss the old school blogging days, and how I may just pick it back up. I still enjoy doing reviews or guides on here or YouTube, or freelance. However, it is fun to share thoughts on here. 

Life updates and more will be posted in the hopefully near future...