November 30, 2009

New Glasses and a New Look

Last week I had my first real eye exam and found out that I do indeed need glasses. The doctor said it is a small prescription for them, and I don’t have to wear them all the time. I waited until Saturday to get them because of Thanksgiving I had to wait an extra day.

So, here I am in my new Burberry glasses. Cute huh? Not the best picture, but it isn’t easy to do with a regular digital camera while holding it yourself okay?

This is my most expensive “accessory” I’ve ever owned. They really get you on everything they can when you buy glasses. Frames, lenses, special extras like anti-glare and scratch and whatever really adds up! Luckily I was able to go with their “buy one get one free” special so I also got sunglasses. Unfortunately, they aren’t Burberry, but they are cute!

I remember in high school I wanted to get some fake glasses to wear to work so I’d look smart. People don’t always take women seriously, and add being blonde to that and well you get the picture.

Now though, I have to wear them to work. Driving (especially at night) I really need to wear them. Plus, I like being able to see trees as trees and not something like from a Monet painting.

Do you have any glasses stories you’d like to share with me? I’d love to hear it!

November 29, 2009

Criminal Minds “The Performer” featuring a vampire Gavin Rossdale

While going through some old shows I had on my DVR today, I started watching Criminal Minds. It is one of my favorite FBI-type shows. They also have had some awesome guest actors like Jackson Rathbone (Jasper from Twilight) last year.

While watching the episode “The Performer” I noticed that the character of a singer named Dante who dresses up and acts like a vampire was actually being played by Gavin Rossdale!

Remember him? Lead singer from Bush (before they split up), was in a band called Institute, is a solo artist now… was Balthazar in the movie Constantine… oh and is married to Gwen Stefani? I have had a huge celeb-crush on him since I was 13! I’m 26… so that’d be half my life… wow I feel old.

Anyways, the episode is great and brings my love for vampires with Gavin Rossdale… if you missed it I suggest watching it online somewhere or catching it the next time it is on. It is great!

November 24, 2009

A New Job, GPS and Glasses

I’ve been really busy lately and haven’t been posting as much as usual, sorry! I will try to remedy that after Thanksgiving. Scratch that, after Black Friday because I have to work that day too.

My new job has had me working everyday. Not long hours, which is fine with me but I’ve been busy. For those curious, the job is as a pizza delivery girl. I’m not saying which company, but the outfit is much less hot than this one pictured here. I don’t remember if I mentioned it on here, but I used to work for a pizza company as a delivery girl back when I was in college. I made really good tips because it was a college town and I’m pretty nice.

I’m grateful to have found a job around here because I’ve been looking for a very long time for one. It seems to be all about “who you know” rather than “what you know.” Apparently having a Bachelor’s degree from an actual university means little unless you’re related to someone hiring or knows someone really well to whom is hiring. Quite sad and unfair but it is reality.

Obviously it isn’t my dream job. I want to write professionally for a living, but that is hard to do. I’m going to continue to write as a freelancer and on Associated Content and ghost writing for the company I’m with for that. I also plan to start writing my novel again when I can.

The area I’m delivering in is pretty nice. The people who work there are cool and helpful. The only thing I really dislike is the AWFUL street sign placements (if they are up even) in Alabama. It is terrible. The signs don’t go like logical street signs would be placed. No, it is backwards and confusing and I just can’t seem to get used to it.

I resorted to buying a GPS before Black Friday. I plan on returning it anyways since 2/3 orders I went to last night weren’t even listed on the map on the GPS. Thanks for nothing Garmin! Hopefully I can buy one cheap online on Friday. I really don’t have the time to go early in the morning anywhere (though it may still happen).

Tomorrow I have off, but I have to go get an eye exam and I’m 99% sure I will need glasses. I’ve never had a real eye exam. So, I’m a little scared. Things are kind of blurry far away and it is hard for me to read some things far away too. I just hope that if I do need glasses (which I do) I’ll find some frames that look good on me where I’m going.

After the exam, I’m going to see New Moon – finally! I’m excited. I’ll post more on that tomorrow!

November 18, 2009

1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse by Garth Johnson

1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse by Garth Johnson is a fantastic reference and idea resource book for “creative reuse, remake, restyle, recycle and renew.”

I originally thought that this book was more of a “how-to” style book. It isn’t and I really didn’t mind after looking through all of the 1,000 images. Each image is numbered and lists the artist’s name and country. If you look at the back of the book though, you can lookup in the “Image Directory” what the picture is of and what materials were used. This makes for a fun game while browsing through the book.

Here are some of my favorites in each of the sections:

Paper, Collage & Assemblage – paper teddy bear, many beautiful magazine collages, re-used books and even wearable jewelry.

Couture & Soft Goods – this was my favorite section because it concerned fashion. It has some really cool reconstructed fashion and even some that would be very wearable. Some were just for photos like the couture cardboard and plastic dresses. There were some cute accessories too like the measuring tape purse and an old Victoria’s Secret bag reused as a sturdier and reusable bag.

Jewelry & Adornments – this section also sparked many ideas for me. It has beautiful ideas for reconstructed jewelry of all types. There were also some very interesting steampunk fashionables. There were some photos in here that were rather odd or scary featuring jewelry made with many Barbie doll parts.

Geek & Man Craft – this section has some really fun things related to computers, jewelry and robot-like things. All very unique!

Housewares & Furnishings – this section features some fascinating ideas for reusing items for furniture like a chair made out of a shopping cart, a sofa made out of an old bathtub, candles out of old wine bottles and a beautiful light fixture made with many glass bottles all around it.

Art, Interiors & Installations – there is beautiful artwork featured in this section from ordinary things like credit cards to laundry detergent bottles and artwork made out of clothing.

The resources found in the back of the book are fabulous. The “Image Directory” does a great job explaining further what the pictures are of and what was used. The “Directory of Contributors” is an even better way to find more information on the ideas featured and even ways to purchase some of them.

Overall, I found this book to be an excellent eco-friendly book that gives great ideas and inspiration on reusing things you may consider junk and turn it into something beautiful.

November 12, 2009

Dentist Fun, Shopping and Survivor – oh my!

Today I went in for a new patient exam, x-ray and cleaning at the dentist. I had a huge issue with some teeth back in June that I had fixed but since I figured it was time I went in for real, I made an appointment and was able to get in pretty quickly.

Going to the dentist with no insurance is not cheap. So I was waiting for when I had some more cashflow coming in before I could go back. I was hired for a job (not one I really want as a career) but a job that gives me cash (tips) and an hourly wage. I’ll talk more about this (maybe) later when I’m working there longer.

The exam and x-rays and cleaning were extensive. It took 3 hours and was really quite interesting. It was much more high tech than my last dentist (granted that was like 4 years ago). It was kinda cool even and usually I quite dislike going to the dentist because pain is involved.

Well, I have a pretty bad cavity on the upper right I need to get filled and one next to it. So, I’m getting 3 filled on the right side ASAP. Then I have 3 more minor ones to do at another time (soonish) after that. Not cheap but it really needs to be done before those turn into big problems too.

I’ve decided even if I don’t have dental insurance, I really need to go 2 times a year for checkups so these issues don’t happen anymore. I don’t like the pain of it and I need to take better care of my teeth.

Next year I also hope to get invisilgn. This is also not cheap. It is braces, sorta. My teeth aren’t the worst but they make me really insecure about myself. Plus, it’ll help fix some of my other dental issues. So, that is my plan for next year. Hopefully it’ll happen.

After the dentist I went to the mall.

Free Victoria’s Secret panties card/coupon I just had to redeem ya know? I Can’t let that go to waste!

I stopped by the book store (usual stop while at the mall) and found a “last chance” section where all books were only $1. Seriously, did I just leave the dentist’s office and walk into a little piece of heaven at the local mall? Free panties, $1 books…. Chik-fil-a…

To make it even better, I found a nice pair of jeans on sale that fit perfect. Again… heaven! Plus some really cute zebra print flannel PJ bottoms. I know what you’re thinking… cute, lame, funny, rawr, etc., but I love them!

Pretty good day and then Survivor made it even better. Tonight’s episode was true Survivor blindside when someone’s dream of winning $1 million was smashed by someone using a secret hidden immunity idol that he didn’t even have a clue to know where to find it (again)! I don’t like Russell as a person, but he is a great player in the game of Survivor. Plus, also in this episode Natalie killed and ate a rat! I get that they are hungry, really hungry… but now she is forever going to known as “rat girl” – worth it or not? I think not!

November 11, 2009

Fun Christmas Gifts from Everything But Flowers

It isn’t even Thanksgiving yet and people are already shopping for Christmas presents and decorating their houses for the Christmas season. Getting prepared with all the presents ready and no last minute shopping is the ideal thing to do after all.

Everything But Flowers is an online store that has some fun and fabulous Christmas Gifts for friends and family. They can also do customizing on some items for a truly unique present.

I’d love to get any of the Crabtree & Evelyn gift sets, wine, perfume or luxe candles. If I could afford it, I’d give the Glamourflage Goddess Collection to all my female friends and family members. So cute!

Have you started doing your Christmas shopping yet? Are you a last minute shopper?

November 10, 2009

The Perfect Meme

Wow. I’ve had this meme stored for a rainy day. It is even raining (quite a bit) today, so I figured I’d go ahead and post this now. I found it over at Andhari’s blog a long, long time ago. Go ahead and participate too, even if it is a bit late…

Since I’m really wanting to watch Bridget Jones Diary and can’t find it on TV and don’t have it on DVD (I don’t know why either, I love it), and because people have told me I look like Renee Zellweger (when she isn’t super skinny – so maybe when she was Bridget Jones) I’m going to add in pictures from the movie and of her. Enjoy!

The perfect outfit : Depends on the event! My favorite outfit though is always a nice pair of jeans (dark colored but not too dark blue) that look great and a nice fashionable top with cute shoes and a great purse. Accessories would include studded earrings on the top hole and dangle gemstone ones on the bottom (I have 2 earring holes in each ear), 2 or three rings that go with the outfit and an awesome necklace.

The perfect meal : Oh gosh, probably something Italian. I love Italian restaurants. Start with a nice salad, fried calamari, chicken parmagana with either risotto or some pasta and if there is room for dessert I’d try something new they specialize in.

The perfect road trip : My recent New Orleans trip with my Mom was pretty awesome. We drove down there and had a great time!

The perfect facial feature : Eyes. You can tell a lot by looking into someone’s eyes.

The perfect drink : Non-alcoholic – water. Alcoholic – daiquiris.

The perfect hangover cure : Lots of water, if I can eat then maybe grilled cheese?

The perfect song : I love too many to pick just one!

The perfect sign of affection : Hugs.

The perfect afternoon : Going shopping, out to dinner and then to a movie.

The perfect vacation : A LONG tour of Europe. I would love love love to go tour Europe.

The perfect type of wedding : A wedding with only close family and friends and on both sides at a beautiful castle in England or Ireland.

The perfect album : I absolutely loved the Twilight soundtrack.

The perfect accent : English – British. Swoon!

The perfect date : Something awesome Bachelor/ette style. Just kidding that isn’t real life, not that I’d object to such dates….

The perfect weather : I love the rain, cold and snow. Not all at once though.

The perfect party : Great friends, music, food, drinks, etc.

The perfect sport : I used to love playing softball. I like to watch basketball games though if I am there. Not so much on the TV though.

The perfect thing to say : I love you.

The perfect day of the week : All days of the weekend!

XOXO – Sheri Rene

(yes, that is my real middle name even… weird huh?)

November 8, 2009

Finding Purpose Beyond Our Pain by Paul Meier, MD and David L. Henderson MD

Thanks to Thomas Nelson Book Review Blogger program I was able to review the book Finding Purpose Beyond Our Pain by Paul Meier, MD and David Livingstone Henderson, MD.

I chose to review this book because everyone needs a little help with finding the purpose to our pain sometimes, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

I do however have to admit that this book was hard for me to get through. Not because it is hard for me to look at myself and see the purpose of pain, but because of all of the scriptures in the bible. For some people it may be very comforting, but for me it isn’t. I liked reading some of it, but for most I’ll pass.

The book does contain some really great stories about people who suffered through various losses and rejections and dealt with them, but nothing really spoke to me.

I am glad that I read it and some of it was worth reading, and I’ll hang onto it for the future where I may enjoy reading it more. For now though, it is going onto a bookshelf in a non-prominent spot.

Book Description
A revolutionary approach to dealing with life's challenges that guides readers in how to face them and to recognize them as gifts from God.

At one time or another everyone finds themselves questioning, "Does God still love me? Is there a purpose for all this pain?" Drs. Meier and Henderson teach readers how to face painful struggles head-on in a way that allows them to grow and mature emotionally and spiritually. In this timely book they explore the seven most common life challenges:

* Injustice
* Rejection
* Loneliness
* Loss
* Discipline
* Failure
* Death

In addition they offer the three reasons we often miss the gifts these challenges can be. This unique approach to an age-old problem will encourage and challenge readers to grow through their struggles instead of wasting energy trying to avoid them altogether.

November 5, 2009

Goddess, Guide Me! by Amy Zerner & Monte Farber

Goddess, Guide Me is a delightfully created and designed enchanted oracle by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber. It is completely interactive and allows you to easily use the oracle even if you are brand new to using such oracles.

“Award-winning artist Amy Zerner has created symbol-filled tapestry portraits of twelve multicultural goddesses from our world's rich herstory. Each three-part portrait and its accompanying text by her husband, best-selling self-help author Monte Farber, offer timeless advice that addresses and attunes three aspects of your life—head, heart, and home. When your logical side and your emotional, intuitive side are working together, you will naturally manifest your dreams and talents.

Call upon the archetypal wisdom of each goddess and her specialty to help you to symbolically weave the tapestry of your life: Aphrodite for love, Hekat for making magic, Lakshmi for wealth, Artemis for healing, Brigit for communicating, Atlantia for excitement, Freyja for direction, Romi Kumu for willpower, Diviana for nurturing, T'ai Yuan for partnership, Eurzulie for intuition, and Pasowee for endurance.” – Goddess, Guide Me!

The guidebook included is really great with explaining how to correctly center yourself before asking questions for the oracle to help you with. Each of the die corresponds to either the head, heart or home. That number then is used to make up a unique portrait of a Goddess to give you a unique picture and reading to go with your question.

The questions I asked did actually give me readings that went with the question I asked on a personal level. The portraits also seemed to reveal certain things that I was able to associate with the question/answer as well. I’m quite surprised and happy by the outcome of the readings.

I didn’t use any of the rituals with the Goddesses also included in the book, but they look quite interesting. My Goddess (associated with Leos) is Freyja and her’s is “Stand Out and Sine!” which I plan on trying out in the future.

Overall, I really enjoyed Goddess, Guide Me! and would highly recommend it to those who are in need of some assistance from the Goddess and those who like new age products too.

Contains: A wire-bound book with 12 mix-and-match goddesses portrayed in Amy Zerner's NEA award-winning fabric-collage tapestry style, a 60-page instructional guidebook, and 3 color-coded 12-sided oracle dice.

Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim - Review

Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim is the official sequel to the best-selling game Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim of 2000.

It is a video game on the PC where you play as the ruler of Ardania. Your advisor in the game guides you along in the campaign which includes 16 missions, divided into 4 chapters. There are also single missions and online playing with multiple players.

You decide where buildings are built, but the heroes and peasants have a mind of their own and do as they wish in the game. If they want to explore, fight or defend it is up to them. This makes for very interesting game play. You can encourage them to do your wishes by placing monetary rewards on the action you wish to be carried out.

The tutorial at the beginning of the campaign missions is easy to play and understand – even for new video game players. The advisor explains how to move the angles, build buildings for heroes, commerce, fight monsters, etc. The voice for the advisor sounds like Sean Connery, which was really quite a fun spin on the video game.

The missions after the tutorial weren’t as easy, but that should be expected. I was stuck on “The Royal Feat” mission for quite a few tries. The dragon was really hard to defeat! The game is so addictive though that I didn’t mind failing missions and restarting because it is fun and overall that gives me more game time to play it with.

The graphics in Majesty 2 are the best I’ve ever played in a strategy game and the fantasy element of it really won me over. It beats just building a city with no real objective that is for sure!

There were a few problems I had with the game though, but nothing I wouldn’t stop playing it for. It does take a long time to save a game, and it did crash out on me a few times for unknown reasons (even with updated drivers and the patch).

There are also a few things I wish you could do in Majesty 2 that aren’t available. It would be nice if you could destroy a building yourself (and maybe get some gold back too). A freestyle map option would also be fun for those not wanting to do a mission, and just play and build a city for fun too.

Overall, I think that Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim is a must play game for anyone who likes a good strategy game or likes fantasy games. You won’t be sorry if you give this game a chance!

Inspiring Hope Giveaway Winner Is…

The Inspiring Hope Giveaway from MyBlogSpark and has ended and the winner has been randomly chosen from and the winner is Beth!

Congratulations, I hope you enjoy the basket from PinkTogether! I’m e-mailing you right now to let you know you won and to get the information needed to send this awesome package to you.