November 10, 2009

The Perfect Meme

Wow. I’ve had this meme stored for a rainy day. It is even raining (quite a bit) today, so I figured I’d go ahead and post this now. I found it over at Andhari’s blog a long, long time ago. Go ahead and participate too, even if it is a bit late…

Since I’m really wanting to watch Bridget Jones Diary and can’t find it on TV and don’t have it on DVD (I don’t know why either, I love it), and because people have told me I look like Renee Zellweger (when she isn’t super skinny – so maybe when she was Bridget Jones) I’m going to add in pictures from the movie and of her. Enjoy!

The perfect outfit : Depends on the event! My favorite outfit though is always a nice pair of jeans (dark colored but not too dark blue) that look great and a nice fashionable top with cute shoes and a great purse. Accessories would include studded earrings on the top hole and dangle gemstone ones on the bottom (I have 2 earring holes in each ear), 2 or three rings that go with the outfit and an awesome necklace.

The perfect meal : Oh gosh, probably something Italian. I love Italian restaurants. Start with a nice salad, fried calamari, chicken parmagana with either risotto or some pasta and if there is room for dessert I’d try something new they specialize in.

The perfect road trip : My recent New Orleans trip with my Mom was pretty awesome. We drove down there and had a great time!

The perfect facial feature : Eyes. You can tell a lot by looking into someone’s eyes.

The perfect drink : Non-alcoholic – water. Alcoholic – daiquiris.

The perfect hangover cure : Lots of water, if I can eat then maybe grilled cheese?

The perfect song : I love too many to pick just one!

The perfect sign of affection : Hugs.

The perfect afternoon : Going shopping, out to dinner and then to a movie.

The perfect vacation : A LONG tour of Europe. I would love love love to go tour Europe.

The perfect type of wedding : A wedding with only close family and friends and on both sides at a beautiful castle in England or Ireland.

The perfect album : I absolutely loved the Twilight soundtrack.

The perfect accent : English – British. Swoon!

The perfect date : Something awesome Bachelor/ette style. Just kidding that isn’t real life, not that I’d object to such dates….

The perfect weather : I love the rain, cold and snow. Not all at once though.

The perfect party : Great friends, music, food, drinks, etc.

The perfect sport : I used to love playing softball. I like to watch basketball games though if I am there. Not so much on the TV though.

The perfect thing to say : I love you.

The perfect day of the week : All days of the weekend!

XOXO – Sheri Rene

(yes, that is my real middle name even… weird huh?)


Kym said...

i pretty sure i drooled a bit when you described your perfect meal. hahaha! love italian food.. esp. CARBONARA. *yummm* and calamari, love that too!!!! ahh, i'm hungry now! ;P

Anonymous said...

im totally gonna do this. =] its cute.

hope your rainy day doesnt go on forever.

Kristina P. said...

I LOVE Bridget Jones. Not the second one though. It was lame.

Jillene said...

How fun!! I too am an Italian food lover. Mmmmmmmm!! And I also agree that water is the best drink!!

Karen said...

Loved the post! You do kinda look like her!

Lee said...

I totally see the resemblance.
I agree, the perfect sign of affection IS a hug.

Lucy said...

The perfect outfit, the perfect meal, the perfect afternoon and so much more I was sooo agreeing with you on BUT how do you like rain, cold and snow, yikes, you lost me on that one (lol)

TeeTee said...

i loved that movie!
and i totally agree with the perfect sign of affection, i love hugs too!

Andhari said...

You do looklike her, Sheri Rene =) ( I like your middle name. Lovely! )

And hellooo you're totally my soulmate. Euro trip? Italian food? Movies? Daiquiris? We need to GO OUT :)

Manju said...

fried calamariiiiiiiiiiii yummmm!!!! i just love that!

bridget jones was hilarious!are you looking for the first or second one?
if you want i'll upload it for you? let me know okay ^^

Anonymous said...

Oh yum! Italian food is the best!