November 12, 2009

Dentist Fun, Shopping and Survivor – oh my!

Today I went in for a new patient exam, x-ray and cleaning at the dentist. I had a huge issue with some teeth back in June that I had fixed but since I figured it was time I went in for real, I made an appointment and was able to get in pretty quickly.

Going to the dentist with no insurance is not cheap. So I was waiting for when I had some more cashflow coming in before I could go back. I was hired for a job (not one I really want as a career) but a job that gives me cash (tips) and an hourly wage. I’ll talk more about this (maybe) later when I’m working there longer.

The exam and x-rays and cleaning were extensive. It took 3 hours and was really quite interesting. It was much more high tech than my last dentist (granted that was like 4 years ago). It was kinda cool even and usually I quite dislike going to the dentist because pain is involved.

Well, I have a pretty bad cavity on the upper right I need to get filled and one next to it. So, I’m getting 3 filled on the right side ASAP. Then I have 3 more minor ones to do at another time (soonish) after that. Not cheap but it really needs to be done before those turn into big problems too.

I’ve decided even if I don’t have dental insurance, I really need to go 2 times a year for checkups so these issues don’t happen anymore. I don’t like the pain of it and I need to take better care of my teeth.

Next year I also hope to get invisilgn. This is also not cheap. It is braces, sorta. My teeth aren’t the worst but they make me really insecure about myself. Plus, it’ll help fix some of my other dental issues. So, that is my plan for next year. Hopefully it’ll happen.

After the dentist I went to the mall.

Free Victoria’s Secret panties card/coupon I just had to redeem ya know? I Can’t let that go to waste!

I stopped by the book store (usual stop while at the mall) and found a “last chance” section where all books were only $1. Seriously, did I just leave the dentist’s office and walk into a little piece of heaven at the local mall? Free panties, $1 books…. Chik-fil-a…

To make it even better, I found a nice pair of jeans on sale that fit perfect. Again… heaven! Plus some really cute zebra print flannel PJ bottoms. I know what you’re thinking… cute, lame, funny, rawr, etc., but I love them!

Pretty good day and then Survivor made it even better. Tonight’s episode was true Survivor blindside when someone’s dream of winning $1 million was smashed by someone using a secret hidden immunity idol that he didn’t even have a clue to know where to find it (again)! I don’t like Russell as a person, but he is a great player in the game of Survivor. Plus, also in this episode Natalie killed and ate a rat! I get that they are hungry, really hungry… but now she is forever going to known as “rat girl” – worth it or not? I think not!


Kristina P. said...

I too need to be better with preventative care for my teeth. I am planning on watching Survivor soon!

Andhari said...

I barely go to dentists..somehow it looks so painful to me :( I need to, though. I haven't felt like there's any problem yet but I'm afraid feeling too comfortable means something might be wrong with my teeth and I just had no idea. *shudder*

Free panties sound amazing though. Going shopping always makes me feel better.

Paula said...

My new dentist has a crazy zoom camera she uses so she can show you all the stuff going on in your mouth. I really like her, and I'm glad I found a good dentist. It's smart to go, even if it's expensive - it would ultimately be more expensive and more painful if you neglected your teeth. A very wise choice :)

Wendyburd1 said...

I need to be better teeth wise too and totally get being self conscious about your teeth. 2 sets of braces and my front two couldn't be fixed, so finally ONE year ago I got crowns and caps in the front 4 teeth and I actually SMILE at cameras!

Leetid said...

I am bad as I never go to the dentist as I can't afford it.

learnxtoxfly said...

Sounds like you had a fun day! =]
I too need to take better care of my teeth, but ugh I hate the dentist!

Toothfairy said...

WTH! 3 hours for check up and xrays... that's crazy... I can do an exam and xrays in 15 min MAX! And I'm quite thorough! in 3 hours, I would already have cleaned your teeth and filled the cavities as well... haha... well guess they're really tech then, if it takes that long!

good luck on the cavities!

btw, I want some victoria's secret goodies! I'm in the Netherlands... so booooh!

Happy weekend!

Lee said...

I've had... one cavity in the past like 10 years.
It was just a surface one. So that was good. :)

I had the free panties card, too! I totally redeemed it. HAD to!

Lucy said...

The dentist visit is always the pits and we never had dental insurance and yet I took the kids every six months and my husband and I go every six months too. It is just part of the budget, in the long run it is better than back tracking for neglected care.

Dollar books, Oh, my gosh, I would be in so much trouble (lol)

Liz said...

I don't like going to the dentist. But I go... every 6 months. And they always tell me the same ole don't floss enough. Ugh! I'm glad that you are going! You don't want dentures at a young age!

I love Survivor and I am now on Team Russell. I hated him at first but he is just so sneaky and is an awesome player. I'd like to see Laura go next. I can't stand her!