May 31, 2008

Last Chaos

Video games have always been fun to me, so when I saw the advertisement for Last Chaos (a free online game) - I figured I would give it a shot. It is an online role-playing game which is a PvPvE (Player vs. Player vs. Environment). The character professions you can play are: Titan, Knight, Mage, Sorcerer, Healer and Rogue. It also offers crafting and pets.

After the initial two hour or so download, I was excited to try this game out. The screenshots I saw for it looked great and it looked like it would be fun. Plus it is free - can’t beat free!

I made my character as a Mage. Personally, I like to play with magic in such games more than the warrior type. However, the character design screen was where I ran into my first problems with the game. It had a very small percentage of ways you could design your character’s face and hair. It also didn’t let me rotate the camera angle to see what the hairstyle actually looked like. The lack of diversity here and poor angles made me worry about this game already.

Once I was able to start playing my Mage I found myself in a dungeon. I was a bit unsure of what to do because the “tutorial” offered lacked much instruction on how to move and what the hell I was supposed to be doing. I eventually found my way out of this maze and into a town.

The town wasn’t much better though. While the graphics were good, it completely lacked direction of what players are supposed to be doing. I ran around this starter town for about five minutes and then called it quits.

One positive thing I found while doing some research on Last Chaos is that they donate 5% of the profits from pet related items to the Humane Society International.

The graphics did live up to what I saw in the screenshots, and the armor was hot. However, it was not enough to make me want to continue playing. It was in one word: Chaotic.

May 26, 2008

Giant Catfish!?!

While I was looking at random blogs yesterday, I came across Gummerfan's Monster HQ and suprisingly enough this blogger lives in Alabama too. Reading on about cryptozoologoy on his blog, I decided to ask him if anything interesting has been sighted in Alabama. You know, to be on the lookout for. He responded and filled me in that bigfoot, UFOs, black panthers and giant catfish have been reported. Wow!

Bigfoot I have not seen, but I do live in the country so I'll be on the lookout. Closest I've came to that was a huge dark brown deer that ran into my car (more on that another time perhaps). No black panthers either, thank God! I haven't seen a UFO either, least not here in Alabama (I saw one once at a friend's house in Florida).

As for a giant catfish... well, my mom actually saw one in the lake behind our house! I didn't really think it would be considered something that mysterious, just a big fish. But, I asked her about it again and she said that it must have been really big because it's head was about a foot and a half wide! She said that she saw it when she was out on our boat by the dam. So, I decided to do a little research of my own on these giant catfish. Legend has it that there are giant maneating catfish that like to hang out by dams. The picture here, was taken by a fisherman in Italy in 2003 when he caught this 187 lb catfish. However, it is not the largest catfish out there. Perhaps the largest ones may be the Mekong Giant Catfish which can be 9 feet long and weigh in at a whopping 646 lbs!

May 24, 2008

Grey’s Anatomy – Season 4

Season four of Grey’s Anatomy really hit the spot when it came to shows to watch this year. It has been one of my favorite shows since it first aired, so it is no surprise when I tell you I have seasons 1-3 already on DVD.

This season picked up with the former interns (minus George) becoming Residents at Seattle Grace Hospital with new and eager interns waiting for them. One of Christina’s interns is Lexie – Meredith’s sister! Another new character in this season is Rose (the nurse) that Derek dates. Erica Hahn, which was in a few other episodes returns as the new head of Cardiothoracic Surgery due to Preston Burke’s departure from the series. Addison Montgomery also left the show (but does make a guest appearance) since she moved to California and is now on her own show, Private Practice. The surgical situations that arise are always interesting and perhaps even cringe-worthy. I personally don’t know how surgeons do what they do, but more props to them for that!

Due to the writer’s strike we are only getting 17 of the episodes out of the 26 they were supposed to have made this year. That being said, I still love the season… especially the ending of the season finale.

It ended with Meredith finally reaching out with open arms to Derek (in such a romantic notion)! I can’t wait to see what actually happens when they come back for season five! I hope Meredith and Derek are happy and moving into their new house. However, I know writers like us to have drama and a reason to watch so it is probably unlikely they will be that happy yet…

My First Blog!

Hello Blog World! My name is Sheri if you hadn’t guessed, and I am eager to start this Blog. I have had personal websites in the past, so I am not totally new to blogging. It has been a few years since I have done any writing of sorts on the internet. I have so much I want to start writing about I am unsure of where to start.

I suppose I will start off explaining a little bit about me. I am 24 years old and I enjoy many things life has to offer. I love to read and write, spend time with family and friends, go shopping, play video games, watch movies/TV and of course listen to music (I often sing badly to it as well). I am in the spot in my life between graduation from college and a career. Don’t kid yourselves; it is not a fun place to be.

This blog will cover any and everything. However, I will probably focus more on my opinions of video games, television shows I watch, movies, music, fashion and other fun goodies I stumble across. Stay tuned for updates as my world turns.