July 31, 2009

True Blood: Season 2 – Episode 6 “Hard-Hearted Hannah”

This episode of True Blood resumes in the Dallas vampire hotel. Eric is feeding on some donor, it was pretty comical. I think I’d be a better donor – hire me Eric! Then in walks Lorena (the vampire who made Bill a vampire). Eric contacted her to come meet with him to get Bill back or something so he’d have a better chance of getting Sookie. I really want this to happen! It kinda happens like this in the book series too, well sorta.

The flashback of Bill and Lorena is wild. He is singing and playing the piano and they act like they are going to have a sexual encounter with the owners of the mansion of the party they are at. Instead, they drink their blood and kill them and have sex while the woman dying watches and is bleeding all over the bed. Talk about a turn on… for vampires.

Hugo, a human who belongs to Isabel (one of the vampires they are working with to find Godrick) agrees to help Sookie go in to the Fellowship of the Sun church to gather information. This wasn’t a very good idea because they knew who she was when they got there and had no intention of letting them leave. I know from the books (if they stay true to it, which they may not) that they are held hostage in the basement with the vampire down there.

Jason is still at the Fellowship of the Sun Camp and he is building a platform for a ceremony to take place that involves “meeting the sun” which is when a vampire is chained and everyone watches it explode when the sun comes up. Gross. If it is like the book (which it may not be) then Godrick is there on his own accord and wants to meet the sun because he is tired of living and wants to die. I don’t know if this is how it happens on True Blood though, so we will see.

Lafayette is still really messed up emotionally from the vampire hostage situation he was in. Pam scares him into selling vampire blood again, probably to get information to torture more vampire blood abusers.

Tara and Eggs have to go get some part for the water heater because Mary Ann is too bitchy in the morning (or well ever) without a hot shower. They take Mary Ann’s nice convertible and Eggs stops them on the way and trek through the woods for miles to some odd sacrificial looking place in the middle of the woods where he claims he has been before but doesn’t know how or why. Quite odd indeed.

Daphne and Sam are intimate on the pool table at Merlotte’s. Talk about getting a hole in one. I bet they wouldn’t look at that pool table the same way again. She asks why Sam is ashamed of being a shifter or isn’t open about it with “friends.” When they run through the woods together, she turned into a big pig (same one Tara saw that made her crash and same one Andy saw at Mary Ann’s house) which means…. she is working with Mary Ann!

Jessica is unhappy that Hoyt didn’t text her during the day, but is quite happy when she hears a knock on the door – and it is him! How sweet!

The episode ends with a lot of pretty big things happening….

Tara and Eggs arrive back at Sookie’s house and find a lot of clothes scattered all over the place which leads them to the woods and a huge orgy going on with Mary Ann in the center doing her Maenad weird moving thing.

Daphne leads Sam into the woods to that orgy – but not for fun! Looks like he was meant to be the sacrifice at this gathering of Mary Ann’s. Wow. She really is bitchy without hot water in the morning!

Jason and Sarah Newlin have sex on the balcony because she said God told her to do so and that he was really the one meant for her. Jason tried to resist, but he is weak and gave in.

Sookie and Hugo getting tossed in the basement and Bill waking up to find Lorena there overpowering him and not letting him go save Sookie.

July 28, 2009

Blog Award!

Thanks to Wendy, I got this fabulous award! Thanks Wendy! Your Blog is absolutely fabulous too!

The rules are to list 5 things I’m currently obsessed with right now and then share this fabulous award with 5 bloggers. So, here you go!

Obsession #1 – True Blood

Ah True Blood! In case you hadn’t noticed, I love True Blood so much that I do a commentary on each episode on here. I love it! As I’ve said many times, I can’t wait for Eric and Sookie to be together in the series too. For now though I am just happy he is in so many scenes this season as compared to last! So hot. I also love the books that were the basis for the TV series too.

Obsession #2 – Twilight

Twilight obsession? Yeah, I have it along with almost every other girl/woman on the planet. I love the books and the movie and future movies I haven’t seen yet and the merchandise. Twilight is like our personal brand of heroin where Edward is always the one giving it to us.

I never knew when a good time to post this picture I found awhile ago would be. So, I figure now is a good time…. laugh, but you know it is true!

Obsession #3 – Vampires in general

Who am I kidding? That’s right, nobody! You all know I love vampires. True Blood vampires, Twilight vampires, Anne Rice’s vampires (I really want to get those books), I can’t wait until the CW’s Vampire Diaries comes out in the fall because hello – new subobsession right there too!

Obsession #4 – Harry Potter

Yes, I love Harry Potter too. I love the books and the movies and some of the merchandise even. I went and saw the movie today – finally! I’ve wanted to see it since it came out but didn’t have a chance to do so. I loved it. My favorite is still Goblet of Fire, but Half Blood Prince is quite good too. It makes me want to re-read all of the books again.

Obsession #5 – English Accents

Seriously. I think English/British accents have ruined it for me with American guys. Plus, I love England. So what if I’ve never actually been there? I know I’m going to go one day (hopefully soon) and fall madly in love with a handsome guy with an amazing English accent and we’ll live happily ever after. Hey, a girl can dream right?

5 Bloggers I’m Giving This Award To:

Andhari – http://littleinsomniaclolita.blogspot.com/
Nickie – http://bunnnichick.blogspot.com/
Lee - http://cossiethegreat.blogspot.com/
Yaya – http://yayastuff.blogspot.com/
TeeTee – http://seeme-enjoyit.blogspot.com/

Anyone else who reads this is also fabulous and can take it too! :)

July 27, 2009

Twilight - Volturi Cast

Check out this photo that shows the members of the Volturi vampire clan in Twilight.

I'm so excited to see New Moon! Also, I'm amazed at how Dakota Fanning looks now. Seems like she was just a little kid. I'm glad she got the part though, she is a great actress and person.

Anyone find any more information on the Burger King stuff that may or may not come out in November for Twilight? I'm so going when they release it and buying 1 of everything. LOL Hmmm actually, I may not buy the Jacob or werewolf stuff, I'm Team Edward all the way! Okay, I take that back, I probably will buy 1 of everything... /sigh

July 26, 2009

True Blood: Season 2 – Episode 5 “Never Let Me Go”

This episode of True Blood resumes where the last one left with Tara’s wild birthday party hosted by Mary Ann at Sookie’s house. Sam and Daphne (new waitress girl) are walking through the woods and she undresses and reveals herself as – a deer! Yes, that’s right – she is a shapeshifter too! I didn’t see that one coming. Neither did Sam. I guess now they can frolic through the woods together as animals of their choice. Fun!

Sookie is still in Dallas at the vampire hotel and she confronts Barry the Bellboy as being a telepath too. He can’t control his “gift” yet, so he is scared of it and doesn’t want anybody – especially vampires to know he is one too.

Jessica of course gets mad at Bill for sending away the guy she ordered to feed off of. So what does she do? She calls Hoyt at home. So cute!

Bill and Sookie love the fact that they can sleep in the same bed together since the rooms are all secure from things like vampire killers and sunshine. How romantic!

Eric brings Sookie and Bill to meet with some of the Dallas vampires that are with Godrick (the missing vampire) to figure out a plan on what to do next to find him. It is here that it is revealed how Eric was made a vampire – by Godrick when he was dying on the battlefield. He slaughtered the rest of his men but saved him to become a vampire because he was a great fighter.

Tara wakes up by Eggs - such a stupid name, what is his real name anyways? Mary Ann explains she doesn’t have a place to stay anymore because her old house wasn’t her’s at all - it was one of her “clients” homes. She doesn’t want her and Mary Ann’s entourage to stay at Sookie’s house, which infuriates Mary Ann. She stops by Merlotte’s when Tara is working and messes with people’s emotions to all turn on Tara to make her feel alone and like Mary Ann and her “people” care for her more than her real friends.

Lafayette comes back to Merlotte’s and asks for his job back. When Sam asks him where he was, he refuses to answer (smart choice). Sam of course gives him the job back though and is glad he is okay.

Jason is still at the vampire killer camp training to kill vampires. While he was taking a bath, Sarah (the head guy’s wife) comes in and locks the door behind her. Jason likes her – a lot but she is married and he does have some morals, right? Well, he just gets a handjob – for now. I see more happening and her husband coming after him soon.

The episode ends with Bill and Sookie having sex in their hotel room and a brunette (vampire) walking down the hallway outside their room. Anyone else recognize who this woman is? Well, in case you didn’t – it is the vampire that turned Bill into a vampire! Wonder what kind of chaos she will create for them in future episodes and when will Sookie and Eric end up together?

Here is a look at what is to come this season – I’m excited!

July 24, 2009

Flashback Friday - Lady Marmalade

Lady Marmalade was a really big hit from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack. I loved the song and the music video. I remember it being on TRL for awhile, back when there was a TRL. Remember Total Request Live? Yeah, I watched it in high school. I stopped watching MTV in college (2001) and haven't really watched it since.

Anyways, Lady Marmalade was a great collaboration with Pink, Lil Kim, Mya, Christina Aguilera and Missy Elliot. Here is the video, enjoy!

July 19, 2009

True Blood: Season 2 – Episode 4 “Shake and Fingerpop”

This episode of True Blood starts off with Jason getting pranked by the other idiots at the Fellowship of the Sun camp. They put ketchup on themselves like they were murdered by vampires and the other hot alpha male pretends to be a vampire and attacks Jason. Original? No, not really. I suspected that was what happened from the previews. Jason punching out other hot guy? Yeah, I also saw that one coming. He also moves in with the Newlins (or whatever their name is) and joins their vampire killing crew (well it isn’t called that, but that is what it is).

Bill is then shown getting mad about Jessica and her boy-toy Hoyt from the bar making out. He isn’t scared, and he still likes her. Awww. I really hope they become something on the show.

Sookie convinces Bill to take Jessica with them to Dallas for that “job” Sookie has to do for Eric there. Sookie almost gets abducted at the airport from the limo driver while waiting on Bill and Jessica’s coffins to arrive. She finds out just in time from her telepathic abilities and Bill saves her while Jessica gets stuck in her coffin (that was funny). Bill teaches Jessica how to glamour people with the limo driver as an example to find out who sent him to abduct Sookie. It turns out to be the Fellowship of the Sun church. While at the special vampire hotel, Sookie meets Barry the bellboy who is also a telepath.

Sam swims with the new waitress girl with the scratches on her back, which she doesn’t hide from him when she gets out of the water. He may or may not be leaving still, who knows? Sookie wasn’t happy about him not talking to her though.

Tara informs Mary Ann that she is moving in with Sookie, which she seems scared to do. Rightfully so because Mary Ann is “supernatural” too (even though Tara doesn’t know this) and well who knows what she could do to Tara when she gets her angry – like moving out. Sookie goes on that trip before Tara moves in which I found a little odd, but whatever works. I do think she will be a little mad though when she comes home to find her house wrecked by the “Birthday Party” Mary Ann threw for her at Sookie’s house with a lot of random people she didn’t know, oh and Eggs was there too which she got even closer with (ie. they had sex).

Lafayette isn’t looking very good from his gunshot wound, which worries Tara. He refuses to go to the hospital or accept help from her. Later that night though Eric drops in outside his window and scares him. He does however become friendly and gives Lafayette some of his blood because his gunshot was not healing well at all and his blood could heal him completely. He of course gives in and allows him to do so. Eric only did it because he is one of Sookie’s friends.

July 17, 2009

Lee's Layout Giveaway!

Need a new Blog layout? Lee makes awesome ones and is giving one away for her contest and a $10 Starbucks Giftcard. Pretty cool huh? Check it out :)

*Sorry I haven't posted much, but I am just really angry/mad/annoyed/etc at a situation going on the past week or so concerning someone I thought was a friend. I don't know if I should even Blog about it, I'm thinking not... but I haven't decided yet.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

July 13, 2009

Shakira on The View

Did anybody else catch Shakira on The View today? If you missed it, which in all honesty most probably did you can view it here:

Okay, so now that you have seen it too I can discuss what I’ve been wondering since I saw that.

If you didn’t catch it at the beginning – today was “Day of Hot Topics.” Meaning they generally do not have guests on the show and they discuss “Hot Topics” like Sarah Palin resigning as governor of Alaska, Bristol Palin’s baby daddy saying Sarah Palin couldn’t handle being President if she resigned, what will happen to Michael Jackson’s kids, etc.

Shakira comes out as the surprise musical guest and sits down by the ladies. If her very noticeable roots weren’t enough to distract you, you soon come to realize that she is just promoting her new single “She Wolf” and soon-to-be CD. She wasn’t even there to sing! What kind of a musical guest is that?

The hosts seem all happy that she is there and act like they really love her and her music. Do they? I don’t know but it seemed a bit too over the top to be real if you ask me. It also seemed… rehearsed. Again, I do not know if it was – it just seemed so to me. Maybe her record label paid ABC to have her on the show for this special bit of promotion?

They do however have the song up for free at ABC.com if you want to download it. I admit, I did. I like free music. The song has a disco feel to it? I’m really not sure what to think of it yet. I’ll probably really like it if I hear it enough in the car, much like “Hips Don’t Lie.”

So, what do you think of The View appearance? The song? Shakira in general?

July 11, 2009

Associated Content – Check Me Out!

I’ve been a writer in some form since I was in Jr. High. Right now I have a Blog, in college I had an online magazine (which I really wish I would have kept up), I was the editor for my High School’s Literary/Art magazine, etc.

So, it is only natural that I signed up for Associated Content. It doesn’t pay super great for me right now, but I hope it will in time. It also will help me write more actual articles again and build up a portfolio. I’m excited!

You can check me out there at: http://www.associatedcontent.com/sherinewton
Please click on the articles I’ve submitted too – I need to raise my Clout Level. :) Thanks!

If you are interested in joining, click on the link below. They are doing something where if you publish 10 pieces within a few days (3 I think it was) you get $10. Pretty cool. Don’t forget to follow me and I’ll follow you too.

Join Associated Content

July 10, 2009

Flashback Friday - Harry Potter

Harry Potter is still a very popular book and movie series. However, this flashback is focusing on how far the actors have come since Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

I didn’t get into the whole Harry Potter whirlwind until a few years ago. I caught one of the movies on HBO or Disney and I’ve been hooked ever since. I bought the movies on DVD and read all of the books (which you may already know if you read some previous posts).

Harry Potter (Daniel Radclife), Ronald Weasley (Rupert Grint) and Hermoine Granger (Emma Watson) are the main characters. They started filming the movies when they were all around 10 years old and hadn’t been in much acting before being cast for their superstar roles in Harry Potter.

I think they did quite well in the first few movies acting wise. Sure they weren’t the best but they were kids! Remember this trailer from the fist movie? I don’t honestly because I wasn’t interested in the series when it came out (I’m a horrible awful person I know).

I find it simply amazing that they went from that to where they are now as actors. I’ve seen many of the Harry Potter actors in other movies since – Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Robert Pattinson (yum!). Who would have thought Rob would have become a vampire heartthrob sensation in Twilight? Or would have thought Daniel would have nude scenes on Broadway in Equus?

I’m really excited to see the new movie coming out next week Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I expect they are going to be even better actors than the previous movies and the graphics will of course be better too (because they just keep getting better in each movie).

Are you guys excited too?

Now I leave you with a very noticeable change: how they look at events then compared to now.

July 7, 2009

Random Updates and Pictures!

I’m back and feeling better. As I stated in a previous post, Robyn was supposed to come visit but she missed her flight – by 12 hrs! Honestly, I think she is the blonde one sometimes. LoL So, she is maybe coming at the end of the week. We’ll see.

I had a fun 4th of July weekend. I didn’t take pictures though, so not too much to show there. However, guess who was promoted? Me! I’m now a “Team Manager” in G.H.O.U.L. (Ghost Hunters of Uncommon Leagues). Pretty cool huh?

Today one of my early birthday presents arrived from Overstock.com (LOVE that store). It is the Havanah Print 310 Thread Count Regency Duvet Cover Set. I’ve been needing a new one for awhile now since the comforter that was on it needs to be stitched up in a few spots and dry-cleaned. I still like my old one, but this new one is great! When I opened it up I loved the feel of the fabric and the print is really pretty – and it is reversible! Here it is on my bed…

Star went to the groomer today and had a checkup. She is getting old, so I am really thankful that nothing is wrong with her. She just needs a teeth cleaning again. She will not be going on my new duvet cover set though. No pet dander allowed on this one! She is a cutie though huh? She looks like she lost 5 lbs from the haircut – too bad that effect doesn’t work on us mere humans.

Here are some of the flowers that survived the heat so far that I planted.

Here is my Mom’s orchid that hasn’t bloomed since we bought it over 2 years ago. It is finally blooming again, so I had to post a picture of it!

Today I did watch Michael Jackson’s memorial service that was on live for 3 hours. It was a very good remembrance to him and I am glad that it was aired on TV for all of his fans to watch. I didn’t cry until the end when his daughter Paris talked briefly stating her dad was the best dad and she loved him. I’m sure that made a lot of people all over the world cry too.

I’ll try to catch up on everyone’s posts but that is quite a lot for me to go through, so I am sorry if I don’t make it to all of yours.

July 2, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance – Great Week!

Even though they didn’t do a dance (yet) to the song I want to see… they did do one to a song on the Twilight soundtrack – “Eyes on Fire” by Blue Foundation! It was choreographed by Sonya and is supposed to be all dark and vampire themed… I love it! What do you think?

Another really good one from this week was done with a chain to the song “Love Lockdown” by Kanye West. Good stuff!

Quick update – I’m not feeling the greatest and Robyn is flying in tomorrow so I probably won’t get a chance to do a Flashback Friday, but I will try!

Winners for my Giveaway!

Thank you to everyone who entered the contest to win a pair of earrings from Enchanting Gemstone Creations! I just finished pulling the winners out of my hat while blindfolded – sorry no pictures on that I know it would have been amusing.

I pulled out two names on the second draw so instead of just giving away two, I’m going to give away three pairs.

Congratulations to...

Nickie, Michelle and Lee!

I’ll be contacting you to let you know you won and please send your address to me so I know where to send it to.

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