July 19, 2009

True Blood: Season 2 – Episode 4 “Shake and Fingerpop”

This episode of True Blood starts off with Jason getting pranked by the other idiots at the Fellowship of the Sun camp. They put ketchup on themselves like they were murdered by vampires and the other hot alpha male pretends to be a vampire and attacks Jason. Original? No, not really. I suspected that was what happened from the previews. Jason punching out other hot guy? Yeah, I also saw that one coming. He also moves in with the Newlins (or whatever their name is) and joins their vampire killing crew (well it isn’t called that, but that is what it is).

Bill is then shown getting mad about Jessica and her boy-toy Hoyt from the bar making out. He isn’t scared, and he still likes her. Awww. I really hope they become something on the show.

Sookie convinces Bill to take Jessica with them to Dallas for that “job” Sookie has to do for Eric there. Sookie almost gets abducted at the airport from the limo driver while waiting on Bill and Jessica’s coffins to arrive. She finds out just in time from her telepathic abilities and Bill saves her while Jessica gets stuck in her coffin (that was funny). Bill teaches Jessica how to glamour people with the limo driver as an example to find out who sent him to abduct Sookie. It turns out to be the Fellowship of the Sun church. While at the special vampire hotel, Sookie meets Barry the bellboy who is also a telepath.

Sam swims with the new waitress girl with the scratches on her back, which she doesn’t hide from him when she gets out of the water. He may or may not be leaving still, who knows? Sookie wasn’t happy about him not talking to her though.

Tara informs Mary Ann that she is moving in with Sookie, which she seems scared to do. Rightfully so because Mary Ann is “supernatural” too (even though Tara doesn’t know this) and well who knows what she could do to Tara when she gets her angry – like moving out. Sookie goes on that trip before Tara moves in which I found a little odd, but whatever works. I do think she will be a little mad though when she comes home to find her house wrecked by the “Birthday Party” Mary Ann threw for her at Sookie’s house with a lot of random people she didn’t know, oh and Eggs was there too which she got even closer with (ie. they had sex).

Lafayette isn’t looking very good from his gunshot wound, which worries Tara. He refuses to go to the hospital or accept help from her. Later that night though Eric drops in outside his window and scares him. He does however become friendly and gives Lafayette some of his blood because his gunshot was not healing well at all and his blood could heal him completely. He of course gives in and allows him to do so. Eric only did it because he is one of Sookie’s friends.


Anonymous said...

My mom watches that show. I've always wanted to get into it. guess i never did. maybe i will some day. =]

Wendyburd1 said...

You are obviously really into this show!LOL!

Andhari said...

I just watched this a couple of days ago ( yes the pirated system here is awesome ) and I love the episode, esp. When Jessica ordered that b negative hot hunk lol. Who's Barry? I didn't recall him in previous episodes, is he totally new? And what is that bull creature thing and I see tje scratch on Daphne's back can she be the bull? And last but not least, what is Maryann? A witch? Everyone's eyes were black in her parties.

Ps. Yes I'm obsessed too!:p

Bobby G said...

FANTASTIC SHOW!!!! This weeks episode was GREAT!!!! Jessica is SO HOT!!!! I do lke her & hoyt, they are CUTE together!!!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love a good vampire.

Lucky Irish Gal said...

I love baby jessica! I really want her and hoyt to work out!

Michelle said...

Oh this looks cool.

I love, love, love anything with vampires in it. Must check it out.