November 29, 2011

Cheerios Cheer Giveaway

Cheerios were one of my favorite cereals to eat as a kid. I know it is a staple for many families, and sometimes is one of the only “breakfast” type foods some kids will eat. I’m really excited to share this giveaway with all of you. Thanks to MyBlogSpark, I get to share this Cheerios Cheer giveaway that highlights a really great cause. Read about it, participate in it, and enter this giveaway!

When our troops are called to serve, their families must rise to meet the challenges of service as well. To thank them, Cheerios® and the USO have partnered in a postcard campaign that spreads Cheer directly to these honorable military families and supports USO programs.

Here’s how it works:
  • Now through November, 2011 at your local grocer, specially-marked boxes of Cheerios cereal will feature Cheer postcards on the front of the box. Consumers can simply cut out the postcard from the Cheerios logo, write a message of thanks on the back, add a stamp and mail the pre-addressed card to the USO. The USO will deliver the Cheer card to military families across the country.

  • For each postcard received through November 2012, Cheerios will make a $1 donation to the USO to help fund programs that support military families. To kick off the campaign, Cheerios has already donated $150,000 to the USO and will donate up to an additional $100,000 based upon the number of postcards received from specially marked boxes now through November 30th, 2012.

Sending a “Cheer” postcard is a simple way to say thanks and lift the spirits of our country’s military families. So, take a moment out of your day to spread some Cheer and send a message of thanks!

Cheerios Prize Pack Giveaway:
One lucky winner will receive a Cheerios cereal bowl, Cheerios spoon, cereal dispenser, and 1 box of “Cheer” Cheerios.

To enter, you must be a follower of my Blog and comment as required for each entry below. Make sure your e-mail is in your profile or in the comment so I can contact the person who wins.

One comment – What do you plan to write on your postcard?

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One comment – Post about this contest on Facebook. Friend me if you’d like. Post URL in the comment.

Giveaway ends on December 5, 2011. Good luck!

Disclosure: Cheerios cereal, information, and giveaway have been provided by General Mills through MyBlogSpark. Giveaway is only for residents of the U.S.A.

November 27, 2011

Money Saving Meals & Round 2 Recipes by Sandra Lee

Money Saving Meals & Round 2 Recipes by Sandra Lee is a cookbook that gives full meal recipes that can then be used again for the round 2 recipes with the leftovers. This unique take on a cookbook is perfect for those that need to save money, yet still have their family eat well.

Book Description
In Money Saving Meals and Round 2 Recipes, Sandra Lee helps readers save more money than ever before one meal at a time, as she does in her highly popular Food Network show.

These dishes are easy, quick-scratch style, and include dishes such as Slow Cooker Short Ribs, Grilled Pork Chops with Peach Salsa, Chicken Tacos with Cucumber Salsa, Beanless Beef Chili, S’mores Pudding Parfait, and much more.

Each recipe combination offers money-saving pricing and total savings for delicious healthful, quick, easy meals so that readers see what they save with every dish. The savings, and your repertoire of tasty, effortless meals, quickly add up on cooking. In these budget-conscious times, Sandra’s Money Saving Meals truly hits home, offering “the maximum joy with the minimum kitchen and grocery shopping stress.” – Money Saving Meals & Round 2 Recipes

My Thoughts
Money Saving Meals & Round 2 Recipes is one of the best cookbooks of our times. People can’t afford to make high end meals for their family for each meal. However, Sandra Lee shows that you can eat still eat fabulously while also staying on budget. The very fact that she gives additional recipes to use for the leftovers and extras from the main meal is my favorite part, because regular leftovers are boring, and are often thrown out, which doesn’t save any money at all.

This cookbook is in full color. The photos of the food are gorgeous and make you want to cook everything you see, but not all of the recipes include photos of the food. I’m a visual person, so being able to see what the food is supposed to look like when finished, is really a must have for me.

The recipes are all done simply and are easy to follow. Nothing is too pretentious for a novice cook to fear trying. Sandra Lee does a really fabulous job with this cookbook for people of all cooking skill levels to enjoy.

Some of my favorite recipes included in this cookbook:
  • Grilled Margherita Pizza
  • Zucchini Cakes
  • Veggie Lasagna
  • Chicken Schnitzel with Mushroom Sauce
  • Coconut Caramel Cream Pie
  • Stuffed Peppers

Overall, I really enjoyed this cookbook. The recipes that I tried I loved. I did have to adjust some of them to be gluten-free, but it wasn’t really much of an issue to work around for me. I think that this is a superb cookbook for people to save money and eat well. I highly recommend it.

* Thank you to the publisher of Money Saving Meals & Round 2 Recipes, Hyperion, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

November 18, 2011

Child of the Dawn by Gautama Chopra

Child of the Dawn by Gautama Chopra is a magical journey of awakening. Unlike most books that teach about the spiritual laws, this book tells a fictional tale about a young man on his own journey to be awakened.

Book Description
In this splendid debut, Gautama Chopra, son of bestselling author Deepak Chopra, has crafted a rich and colorful tale about a young boy’s search for meaning and empowerment.

He was lost. Somehow during his young life, he had lost his way. Lost from where? Lost from what? Ah, well, you will see, we are not speaking of being lost in a labyrinth of streets in a twisted medieval city… His displacement, his disorientation, was of a more desperate and desolate nature, for he did not understand what he was lost from.

And then one day, inspired by his dreams of mirth and magic, he was drawn toward a search for power and lasting happiness. It was a search for meaning, a quest for love, the justification of his entire existence. And thus began his journey of awakening – a journey which led him from the realm of his dreams to a world of chaos, and back once more to a place where dreams really do come true.”Child of the Dawn

My Thoughts
Child of the Dawn is a remarkable book. I have never before read a book that puts so many of the spiritual laws I’ve read into a story. For many people, reading about it as a story will help them to remember it and also help them really “get it.”

Hakim, the young man in the story, is lost and unsure what to do in his life to achieve everything he wants. For this reason, he is highly relatable to just about everyone that reads this story. He seeks the answers from a “wise one” and through his magical journey, he finds the answers. His tale is memorable, and all of the lessons he learns on the journey are as well.

This is a tranquil read that can easily be read in one sitting. It is written very well and in an easy to understand manner, which is quite amazing because the message in the story is so strong.

This is a great book to read for people of all ages that are on their own spiritual journey to being awakened. It would also make an excellent gift, so keep this in mind for the holidays. I highly recommend this book for everyone to read.

* Thank you to the publisher of Child of the Dawn, Amber Allen, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

November 16, 2011

Body Wrap Shapewear Review – Look Slimmer Without Dieting!

Women of all shapes and sizes go to shapewear to help them smooth out areas that they need a little extra help with. I am no exception to this, and I usually wear a cami shapewear top that helps shape me up whenever I go somewhere.

I was really excited to try out a new type of one from Body Wrap Shapewear because they use a new type of technology for the material. It claims that it is invisible under clothing, adds more curves, and helps to firm the targeted areas, has all-day comfort, and is breathable for warm climates too.

That is quite a lot of claims that I’ve found don’t usually live up to it when in use for more than a few hours. So, did it actually do what it says?


I tried out the long leg bodysuit in my size with a cute dress I’ve been putting off wearing. It was one of those purchases for “when I lose 5-10 lbs I’ll wear this.” It has been hanging in my closet for about a year. Sad, yet true. I’m sure you have clothes like that in your closet too!

It was a little hard getting into it because the material is really strong. If you use it, be sure to look at how to put on the shapewear, so you don’t break it with your nails or fingers. After it was on though, it was really quite fabulous. It was comfortable to wear, and really does make you look like you lost weight and are much firmer.

The only thing I didn’t like about it was the opening in the middle of the leg area. It is there to help you go to the bathroom without having to take it all off. However, it is a bit awkward, and I personally preferred just taking it all off when I had to go.

Overall, I really like the Body Wrap Shapewear that I tried. I’ve used a few other types in the past that are similar, and this one is much better, at least in my opinion. I plan on purchasing a cami top from them soon. Depending on what type of shapewear you need for your outfits, they have something for you. I highly recommend this brand for your shapewear needs.

Check out and follow Body Wrap Shapewear on Facebook and Twitter.

*Thank you to Body Wrap Shapwear for providing me with a sample of the product for review. I was not paid to write the review and all opinions and experiences with the product are my own. 

It Is Dangerous To Be Right When The Government Is Wrong by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

It Is Dangerous To Be Right When The Government Is Wrong by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano makes you look at some of the real issues that our country has going on right now. If you also ask the big questions about how America is being ran, this is a must read book to give you information on all of the things that are being done – without the right to have done to us.

Book Description
Judge Andrew P. Napolitano examines the concept the government hates and fears the most: Freedom.
The United States of America was born out of a bloody revolt against tyranny. Yet almost from its inception, the government here has suppressed liberty. In his sixth book on the Constitution and human freedom, Judge Andrew P. Napolitano asks: Where does freedom come from? How can government in America exercise power that the people have not given to it? What forces have collaborated to destroy personal freedom?
In this back-to-basics on freedom, Judge Napolitano addresses hard questions:
--Do we still have a Constitution?
--What are the limits to government power in a free society?
--Why does the government attack, rather than defend, our rights?
--If our rights are inalienable, how can the government take them away?
--Do we really own any private property?
The Judge gives a sweeping treatment of natural rights and all the philosophical, religious, and ideological principles that underscore the concept of human freedom.

My Thoughts
It Is Dangerous To Be Right When The Government Is Wrong is a very real and informative book about the government in America. If you think that our country is just taking away our rights for our own benefit, you are sadly mistaken. If you think that nothing is going on right now that isn’t out of the ordinary, you are even more mistaken. If you are an American citizen, you need to read this book before the next election. You may be much less informed than you think.

The author doesn’t just pick on Republicans or Democrats, he criticizes them both equally. Both parties have done things that they shouldn’t have, and he doesn’t hold back on explaining what, either.

Some of his views on things are very controversial, however, he makes strong points on why he thinks certain things should be legal. For instance, he is for legalizing gay marriage, for drugs being legal and even for prostitution being legalized.

Regardless of if you think these things are “right” or “wrong” – is it really the government that should make the decision on if someone wants to smoke marijuana or not? After all, cigarettes and alcohol are legal. The more they take away, the closer they are to taking away something that you enjoy doing “legal” right now that could be made “illegal” one day.

If you want to learn more about what is really going on in our country, or are just concerned about our Constitutional rights, this is a must-read! I highly recommend it.

* Thank you to the publisher of It Is Dangerous To Be Right When The Government Is Wrong, Thomas Nelson, for providing me with a copy of this book for review as part of their Book Sneeze program. All opinions expressed are my own.

November 15, 2011

Healing Myths Healing Magic by Donald M. Epstein

Healing Myths Healing Magic by Donald M. Epstein is a book to challenge you to change your beliefs about healing that are actually just myths. Be ready to change your previous way of thinking about healing and huge changes can come your way!

Book Description
Healing Myths, Healing Magic examines the deeply ingrained stories, or myths, we commonly hold about how our bodies heal – myths that can actually inhibit healing. For example: “I must forgive in order to heal,” “A person may be too far gone to heal,” or “Healing is not always available.”

The myths we accept without question have a powerful, magically suggestive effect on the way we interpret out symptoms, the way we heal, and the quality of life we experience. Our stories, or myths, can create the magic of healing in our lives, or they can stop the magic completely.

Dr. Epstein contends that unless we question the myths that control our lives, we will continue to make the same healing choices we have been conditioned to make, even if those choices are killing us.

In this breakthrough book, Dr. Epstein divides the healing myths into four categories – Social, Biomedical, Religious, and New Age. He exposes each myth individually, then suggests an alternative statement, or Healing Magic, to help us reclaim our body’s natural ability to heal.” – Healing Myths Healing Magic

My Thoughts
Healing Myths Healing Magic is a book that really spoke to me. Many myths about healing (and life in general) are set into our way of thinking from when we are young kids up to where we are now in life. Breaking these myths is not an easy thing to do. However, they can be broken with some serious thought and determination on your own part. I tried really hard to do this while reading the book, and I think that I have a few broken so far.

To really get the most out of this book, I suggest reading it through all the way. Then go back and read only one or two chapters at a time to really let it absorb into your knowing and consciousness. Actively work on transforming your prior beliefs so that they work better for you. When you feel that you have changed those beliefs, and then move on to the next few. If some you want to work on first, work on those – order isn’t really important.

This is a book that could really change your life and help you to heal. I highly recommend it.

* Thank you to the publisher of Healing Myths Healing Magic, Amber Allen, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

November 11, 2011


Today is November 11, 2011 which is 11-11-11. To many, including myself, this means that it is a very spiritual day and possibly a gateway to better things coming into our lives.

One of my favorite authors, Doreen Virtue posted this on her Facebook status update for today:

111111 in Angel Numbers is highly significant of a gateway energy opening where everything is possible. Please align your thoughts and feelings with our collective desires for a peaceful and healthy planet. The angels can uplift you at your request. Thank you for your contribution to this beautiful experience!”

Reading about and working with the angels is something I’ve been doing quite a lot of lately, and if you want to read more about them, I highly suggest reading angel books by Doreen.

Today at 11:11 AM I went outside and just sat on the porch looking out at the lake. Of course my new adopted cats interrupted my trying to meditate, but that was purrfectly okay because they are a precious gift. I haven’t mentioned them on my Blog yet, but I plan on writing up a very special kitty post about them soon. I just need to get them still enough to take some photos. They are very elusive when the camera comes out.

Did you do anything special today? Do you notice any changes starting today? I think I notice some change taking place, but exactly what, I’m not quite sure.

November 9, 2011

Archangels 101 by Doreen Virtue

Archangels 101 by Doreen Virtue covers 15 of the archangels. In this book, you’ll discover more about them, and also learn how to work with them to help your life. If you have been drawn to angels (or perhaps just this review) be sure to check this book out.

Book Description
Legions of loving and trustworthy archangels watch over you, and you can develop an even closer relationship with them by learning their names and specialties. In this uplifting nondenominational book, Doreen Virtue guides you in connecting with her 15 favorite archangels. You'll read true stories from people who have received protection, miraculous healings, and amazing guidance from these beloved Heavenly beings.

Archangels want to help you live a healthier and happier life. As unlimited beings, they can assist everyone simultaneously, and this fascinating book will teach you which ones to call upon for various situations. Whether you're new to working with angels or someone who has believed in them all your life, you'll want to refer to Archangels 101 again and again.” – Archangels 101

My Thoughts
Archangels 101 is an introductory book about 15 of the archangels including: Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, Chamuel, Ariel, Metatron, Sandalphon, Azrael, Jophiel, Haniel, Raziel, Raguel, Jeremiel, and Zadkiel.

Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Uriel are covered in more depth than most of the other archangels included in this book. However, these are the main ones that people work with the most. I don’t feel that this took away anything from the powerful messages in the book.

Each of the angels has background information about them, prayers you can say to have them help you, and also stories from people who have worked with them that will show you that they can miraculously help you in a vast amount of ways.

Before the angels can intervene and help you though, you must allow them to do so. Once you start along the path of working with angels, you will be amazed by how much they will help you. Doreen Virtue does brilliant work helping all of us realize this through her books, radio show, oracle cards, and much more.

With this book you’ll also discover the halo colors or colors most associated with each of these archangels, crystals and gemstones connected to them, and the astrological signs associated with the fifteen archangels featured in the book.

Unlike most books, this one is in full color and also includes artwork of angels. The colors and pictures are used wonderfully, and really makes you want to read it again and again. This is a beautiful book with a beautiful message.

If you have any interest in angels, enjoy Doreen Virtue’s books, or need help in some way with something, this is a great book for you to read. Yes, those statements can apply to pretty much everyone, so I highly recommend it to everyone to read.

* Thank you to the publisher of Archangels 101, Hay House, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

November 7, 2011

Review of The Sims Medieval and the Pirates and Nobles Expansion Pack

The Sims Medieval is a simulation game that resembles The Sims series of games, but it is quite different. In this game, you play as a hero and are required to complete quests to complete ambitions. Along the way, you can unlock items and clothing, but it is really all about the quests. The Kingdom that you build is up to you, and you can decorate it as you see fit. You can rule it with great power, or go on the side of peace – the choice is yours.

Game Description: The Sims Medieval
The Sims go back in time and get medieval! The Sims™ Medieval takes The Sims into the Middle Ages with all new features, new graphics and new ways to play. For the first time, players can create heroes, venture on quests, and build up a kingdom. In an ancient land of adventure, drama and romance, players will be able to get medieval like never before.

o     A living world of Sims in an age of adventure, drama, and romance
o     Enhanced graphics, lighting, animations, and more lifelike Sims
o     Create heroes, build up their skills and send them on epic quests
o     Quests drive your kingdom’s story - Good or evil, cruel or kind, romantic or warlike
o     Kingdom Ambitions – Choose a ambitious goal for your kingdom and work to achieve it. Will you kingdom be the most wealthy, most enlightened, a conqueror or a peacemaker? The choice is yours.” – The Sims Medieval

Game Description: The Sims Medieval Pirates and Nobles
“The Sims Medieval™ Pirates and Nobles Adventure Pack introduces new quests, treasure hunting, and hundreds of new objects for your medieval kingdom! Your epic story starts when the Pirates of Aarbyville and the Nobles of Tredony arrive in your kingdom, followed quickly by sword fights, love affairs, grand adventures and mysteries. Go treasure hunting to uncover hidden objects. Embark on new quests to help your kingdom achieve a new ambition. Stylize your kingdom and Sims with new pirate and nobility themed objects and wardrobe. The fun never ends with this new adventure pack! 

o     A New Kingdom Ambition – Can you end the war between Tredony and Aarbyville?
o     New Quests that follow an epic story arc
o     New Signature Objects – The Interrogation Chair and pet falcons and parrots
o     New Traits a new Legendary Trait
o     Over 140 Pirate and Nobility themed objects
o     New pirate and noble outfits and hats
o     Treasure Hunting, complete with maps, shovels, rare treasure and some surprising dangers” – The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles

My Thoughts
The Sims Medieval is a completely different game than The Sims 3 or other Sims games. In this game, you don’t have the option of playing as any Sim in the Kingdom. You only play as the heroes, and you can’t just switch between them during a quest.

When you are working on an Ambition, you start a Kingdom from the ground up each time. This can be considered annoying, but it gives you the option of having different types of Kingdoms, and gives the re-playability a better spin.

When you complete quests, you gain points that can be used to add in new buildings and hero buildings to your Kingdom. Choose what you place wisely or you’ll waste your points on things you don’t really need for the ambition you’re on. The quests are fun, but can be repetitive if you choose to do them the same way each time.

The clothes and décor are all based on the Medieval setting of the game. I think that it stays true to this throughout the base game and the Pirates and Nobles expansion pack. The add-on also gives the option of better clothes and makeup, so if this is something you enjoy in your Sims games, be sure to get this expansion!

Overall, I do enjoy playing this game and the expansion. If you are used to the regular Sims games, it might take a few quests to get used to this style of gaming. However, once you do, I think that you’ll enjoy it too. Just remember that it isn’t The Sims 3, so don’t expect it to be. I recommend this game to all Simmers out there and to those who want to play a game based on the Medieval era.

* Thank you to the publisher of The Sims Medieval, Electronic Arts, and Gamers Gate for providing me with a digital copy of this game and allowing me to review it. All experiences and opinions expressed are my own.

The Outlaw Album by Daniel Woodrell

The Outlaw Album by Daniel Woodrell is as the title suggests – stories about criminals or outlaws. The album contains twelve stories with characters that will leave you thinking about them long after you read their short story.

Book Description
Twelve timeless Ozarkian tales of those on the fringes of society, by a "stunningly original" (Associated Press) American master.

Daniel Woodrell is able to lend uncanny logic to harsh, even criminal behavior in this wrenching collection of stories. Desperation-both material and psychological--motivates his characters. A husband cruelly avenges the killing of his wife's pet; an injured rapist is cared for by a young girl, until she reaches her breaking point; a disturbed veteran of Iraq is murdered for his erratic behavior; an outsider's house is set on fire by an angry neighbor. 

There is also the tenderness and loyalty of the vulnerable in these stories--between spouses, parents and children, siblings, and comrades in arms-which brings the troubled, sorely tested cast of characters to vivid, relatable life. And, as ever, "the music coming from Woodrell's banjo cannot be confused with the sounds of any other writer" (Donald Harington, Atlanta Journal Constitution).” – The Outlaw Album

My Thoughts
The stories in The Outlaw Album are harsh, yet somewhat relatable, which makes them that much more eerie of tales. This book contains stories from the Ozarks, but even if you’ve never personally been there, that is okay. Daniel Woodrell is able to take you there in these stories, and even though the stories are about crimes, they do make you treasure the area where the stories take place.

It could easily be read in one evening, but taking the time to savor each story is a better way to read this book, at least in my opinion. The characters are dynamic and their stories are memorable.

This is not a book for conservative readers to pick up. Sure, some may like it, but it is likely that this type of reader will not. However, if you enjoy stories with outlaws, criminals, and just overall good writing, you’ll enjoy this book.

* Thank you to the publisher of The Outlaw Album, Little, Brown, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

November 5, 2011

Discover The Gift – It’s Why We’re Here

Discover the Gift is a feature length documentary and motivational book by Demian Lichtenstein and his sister, Shajen Joy Aziz. Their journey is shared with all of us to help discover our own Gift. Are you ready to discover yours?

From award-winning director Demian Lichtenstein comes a stunning feature-length documentary that explores the basic but vital reality that we are each given a unique Gift, a purpose in our lives that is always seeking to express itself. Find that Gift and you can experience joy, power, fulfillment, freedom and unconditional love in ways beyond your imagination.
In Discover the Gift, Demian and his sister, Shajen Joy Aziz, narrate and present a simple road map to a journey of self-discovery that will change your life forever. Sharing their own heartfelt, personal stories of tragedy and redemption, the brother and sister are joined by many of today’s most influential transformational leaders who will inspire you, guide you, and ultimately enable you to begin your own journey to find your Gift and the life you were meant to live.” – Discover the Gift

My Thoughts
Discover the Gift is a remarkable DVD and book set. You don’t have to get both, but I highly suggest that you do. Reading the book and watching the documentary really gives you the best of both worlds for the Gift.

The documentary for Discover the Gift is a visually stunning, and highly spiritual and motivational journey for your soul. Demian Lichtenstein really does a superb job directing this. It is similar to The Secret, but in a more relatable and visually appealing way. If you watched The Secret, and enjoyed it, or even if you didn’t quite get it, Discover the Gift gives you more applicable steps to reaching your Gift. I’ve watched the DVD a few times, and each time I find something else in it that I missed before. I think that this documentary should be watched multiple times as you are on your own personal journey to fully get the message.

The book for Discover the Gift was written by Shajen Joy Aziz and Demian Lichtenstein. On her own journey to discover her Gift, she realized that one of her Gifts was writing. It covers most of the same information as in the DVD, but it is written and gives you another way to discover your Gift. The eight steps to uncover your gift is easier to follow in the book, and allows you to reference when needed faster than you could find it on a DVD. Some of the beautiful artwork that is shown in the documentary is also included in the book, which I really love. The mandalas are gorgeous and can also be used to meditate with.

Watching the documentary and reading the book will have you laughing, crying, and hopefully on the journey to discover your Gift. If you’re lucky, maybe you can find out what your Gift is rather quickly. If not, keep watching the DVD and re-read the book. It will come to you, and when it does, you’ll know it and embrace it into your life.

Consider reading this review as your personal invitation to discover your personal Gift and to start fully living. I highly recommend both the documentary and the book for Discover the Gift.

* Thank you to the publisher of Discover the Gift, Harmony Books, for providing me with a copy of this book and DVD for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

November 1, 2011

FREE Meal Planning Made Easy!

I just came across this free meal planning service and seriously have to share it with everyone. It allows you to select the stores you shop at, put in what type of food your family eats, and then it helps you plan your meals each week based on the sales that are going on at the grocery stores in your area. What a fabulous idea! If you have a smartphone, you can even have the grocery list right on your phone, so you won’t forget it ever again. Love it!

On top of that… I also have some coupons for you for November!

Magic When You Need It by Judika Illes

Magic When You Need It by Judika Illes is a quick reference book for emergency spells involving money and your career, love, sex marriage, and children, home, and various other troubles. When you need a little help or a lot of help, these spells will help you!

Book Description
Many spells and charms can take days or even weeks to complete. In Magic When You Need It, Judika Illes offers a collection of super-powered magic to help you right now. Is your career in a slump? Are you being visited by ghosts? Short on cash? Magic When You Need It can help with these problems and more.

Divided into four sections: Money and Career; Love, Sex, Marriage, and Children; Home; and Trouble, Magic When You Need It offers 150 spells to help you find a job, meet your soul mate, protect your home, and many more common (and not so common) predicaments. Using simple instructions and ingredients that can be found in your pantry, combined with easy to find magical oils and botanicals, Illes blends Old World and modern magic to provide the reader with safe, effective magical remedies for many of life's troubles. Carry this book in your purse, your car, or keep it on your kitchen counter for accessible magic year round.”– Magic When You Need It

My Thoughts
Magic When You Need It is a spell book for beginners or for people who have been practicing magic for years. The author collects ancient spells and new spells, so there is a good mixture included in the book to help you with just about every situation you’d need to use a spell for. Judika Illes writes in a very easy to read and understand way, so even if you don’t use any of the spells, it is still a fun read.

Most of the spells require certain ingredients to have it be effective. If you don’t happen to live near a magical shop that carries those ingredients, the author lists places online that you can shop at to ensure that you have access to the ingredients.

Some of my favorite spells included in the book:
  • Banish Ghosts (I am a paranormal investigator, so this will come in handy)
  • Get Cash Fast
  • Home Protection Spells
  • Protect Your Computer
  • Banish Bad Dreams

If you are interested in magic at all, this is a great book to have to quickly access the spell you need in a hurry. I highly recommend it.

* Thank you to the publisher of Magic When You Need It, Weiser Books, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.