November 16, 2011

Body Wrap Shapewear Review – Look Slimmer Without Dieting!

Women of all shapes and sizes go to shapewear to help them smooth out areas that they need a little extra help with. I am no exception to this, and I usually wear a cami shapewear top that helps shape me up whenever I go somewhere.

I was really excited to try out a new type of one from Body Wrap Shapewear because they use a new type of technology for the material. It claims that it is invisible under clothing, adds more curves, and helps to firm the targeted areas, has all-day comfort, and is breathable for warm climates too.

That is quite a lot of claims that I’ve found don’t usually live up to it when in use for more than a few hours. So, did it actually do what it says?


I tried out the long leg bodysuit in my size with a cute dress I’ve been putting off wearing. It was one of those purchases for “when I lose 5-10 lbs I’ll wear this.” It has been hanging in my closet for about a year. Sad, yet true. I’m sure you have clothes like that in your closet too!

It was a little hard getting into it because the material is really strong. If you use it, be sure to look at how to put on the shapewear, so you don’t break it with your nails or fingers. After it was on though, it was really quite fabulous. It was comfortable to wear, and really does make you look like you lost weight and are much firmer.

The only thing I didn’t like about it was the opening in the middle of the leg area. It is there to help you go to the bathroom without having to take it all off. However, it is a bit awkward, and I personally preferred just taking it all off when I had to go.

Overall, I really like the Body Wrap Shapewear that I tried. I’ve used a few other types in the past that are similar, and this one is much better, at least in my opinion. I plan on purchasing a cami top from them soon. Depending on what type of shapewear you need for your outfits, they have something for you. I highly recommend this brand for your shapewear needs.

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*Thank you to Body Wrap Shapwear for providing me with a sample of the product for review. I was not paid to write the review and all opinions and experiences with the product are my own. 


Anonymous said...

LOL I think I'd take it all off to use the restroom as well. Looks like a good option for a dress though - no lines! Woot!

Andhari said...

Reading the previous comment, can you go to the rest room comfortably enough wearing it? It looks superb though, it'll give more boobs too. Haha!

Sheri said...

You can use the restroom with it on b/c of the opening. If you are really careful with it... lol

Cici Hart said...

Love this!