November 11, 2011


Today is November 11, 2011 which is 11-11-11. To many, including myself, this means that it is a very spiritual day and possibly a gateway to better things coming into our lives.

One of my favorite authors, Doreen Virtue posted this on her Facebook status update for today:

111111 in Angel Numbers is highly significant of a gateway energy opening where everything is possible. Please align your thoughts and feelings with our collective desires for a peaceful and healthy planet. The angels can uplift you at your request. Thank you for your contribution to this beautiful experience!”

Reading about and working with the angels is something I’ve been doing quite a lot of lately, and if you want to read more about them, I highly suggest reading angel books by Doreen.

Today at 11:11 AM I went outside and just sat on the porch looking out at the lake. Of course my new adopted cats interrupted my trying to meditate, but that was purrfectly okay because they are a precious gift. I haven’t mentioned them on my Blog yet, but I plan on writing up a very special kitty post about them soon. I just need to get them still enough to take some photos. They are very elusive when the camera comes out.

Did you do anything special today? Do you notice any changes starting today? I think I notice some change taking place, but exactly what, I’m not quite sure.


Anonymous said...

I had a good day but nothing extra special

Sarah Ann said...

Beautiful words. I didn't do anything special, I guess I'll just have to make up for that next year on 12-12-12. :)

Andhari said...

I totally passed 11:11. Getting all sad now.

ps. new adopted cats? What kind? Picssss :)