July 31, 2009

True Blood: Season 2 – Episode 6 “Hard-Hearted Hannah”

This episode of True Blood resumes in the Dallas vampire hotel. Eric is feeding on some donor, it was pretty comical. I think I’d be a better donor – hire me Eric! Then in walks Lorena (the vampire who made Bill a vampire). Eric contacted her to come meet with him to get Bill back or something so he’d have a better chance of getting Sookie. I really want this to happen! It kinda happens like this in the book series too, well sorta.

The flashback of Bill and Lorena is wild. He is singing and playing the piano and they act like they are going to have a sexual encounter with the owners of the mansion of the party they are at. Instead, they drink their blood and kill them and have sex while the woman dying watches and is bleeding all over the bed. Talk about a turn on… for vampires.

Hugo, a human who belongs to Isabel (one of the vampires they are working with to find Godrick) agrees to help Sookie go in to the Fellowship of the Sun church to gather information. This wasn’t a very good idea because they knew who she was when they got there and had no intention of letting them leave. I know from the books (if they stay true to it, which they may not) that they are held hostage in the basement with the vampire down there.

Jason is still at the Fellowship of the Sun Camp and he is building a platform for a ceremony to take place that involves “meeting the sun” which is when a vampire is chained and everyone watches it explode when the sun comes up. Gross. If it is like the book (which it may not be) then Godrick is there on his own accord and wants to meet the sun because he is tired of living and wants to die. I don’t know if this is how it happens on True Blood though, so we will see.

Lafayette is still really messed up emotionally from the vampire hostage situation he was in. Pam scares him into selling vampire blood again, probably to get information to torture more vampire blood abusers.

Tara and Eggs have to go get some part for the water heater because Mary Ann is too bitchy in the morning (or well ever) without a hot shower. They take Mary Ann’s nice convertible and Eggs stops them on the way and trek through the woods for miles to some odd sacrificial looking place in the middle of the woods where he claims he has been before but doesn’t know how or why. Quite odd indeed.

Daphne and Sam are intimate on the pool table at Merlotte’s. Talk about getting a hole in one. I bet they wouldn’t look at that pool table the same way again. She asks why Sam is ashamed of being a shifter or isn’t open about it with “friends.” When they run through the woods together, she turned into a big pig (same one Tara saw that made her crash and same one Andy saw at Mary Ann’s house) which means…. she is working with Mary Ann!

Jessica is unhappy that Hoyt didn’t text her during the day, but is quite happy when she hears a knock on the door – and it is him! How sweet!

The episode ends with a lot of pretty big things happening….

Tara and Eggs arrive back at Sookie’s house and find a lot of clothes scattered all over the place which leads them to the woods and a huge orgy going on with Mary Ann in the center doing her Maenad weird moving thing.

Daphne leads Sam into the woods to that orgy – but not for fun! Looks like he was meant to be the sacrifice at this gathering of Mary Ann’s. Wow. She really is bitchy without hot water in the morning!

Jason and Sarah Newlin have sex on the balcony because she said God told her to do so and that he was really the one meant for her. Jason tried to resist, but he is weak and gave in.

Sookie and Hugo getting tossed in the basement and Bill waking up to find Lorena there overpowering him and not letting him go save Sookie.


Andhari said...

This is sooo getting weirder each and everytime, no? Yet it's completely addictive.

LiLu said...

I am so sick of MaryAnne's story line. I love the show SO MUCH... except for her. Ugh.

Sheri said...

Weird indeed. I don't like Mary Ann either, she shouldn't be so prominent in the season either in my opinion, I mean really she was only in what one scene in the books?

Lee said...

The commercials for this show make me NOT want to watch it.
I have no idea why either.

Ashlee said...

HBO should so pay you to watch and review this! Witty and great review!

BIBI said...

This show sounds so interesting. It's too bad though, 'cause I got rid of my HBO the month that it premiered.

I would love to watch it. I have to buy the DVD(s) I guess. :)

Carina Blogarina said...

me to!! The hills is the best one though. wonder how it will be after lauren leaving.. scared it will be not as good anymore.