August 1, 2009

Reality Television Greatness

I am a sucker for (some) reality TV. I dislike quite a bit of the shows (not worth mentioning), have been driven to boycott some (The Bachelor) and really love others (Survivor, Big Brother, So You Think You Can Dance).

The past few weeks I’ve had some really great things I wanted to post about concerning some of the shows, but never had a chance. So, here are some of my favorite highlights over the past weeks…

The Fashion Show

The Fashion Show was a new show on Bravo this year. I loved it because it was the first season and while it is like Project Runway, it is different. The designers make clothing for real people, not couture pieces most of the population wouldn’t ever wear in real life or be able to afford.

Since the fist episode I wanted Anna to win. She created really great clothing and most of it I would wear myself. However, I also quite liked her competition – Daniella (but not enough for her to win).

Usually on these kinds of shows the person I want to win doesn’t. So, I was really happy when Anna won! I wish her lots of success and I hope her fashion line is somewhat affordable so I can one day wear something she makes!

So You Think You Can Dance

Ah. I love SYTYCD. This season has such great dancers and the top group is superb! However, I think Melissa should not have been voted off (she was the best girl in my opinion). Also, does anyone else think Evan looks a bit like Dawson from Dawson’s Creek though? I think that every episode!

Anyways, here are a few of my favorite routines from the past few episodes.

Big Brother

I feel like such a voyeur for watching Big Brother, but I love it! I don’t subscribe to the live feeds because really, who has time for that? Not me! I do however watch every episode (3 times a week) and I TiVo the Big Brother After Dark on Showtime. The 3 hours on Showtime each night would be a lot of TV so I usually just fastforward through most of it. I like it though so I can find out who is up on the block or on slop before it is shown on the regular episodes though.

This season started off pretty dull for me. It still isn’t doing so great, but it has amped up a little bit. I didn’t like the whole “High School Clique” alliances they forced on the houseguests though. That was pretty lame. What was even lamer this season though is the horrible d├ęcor. Seriously, who designed the set this year? It looks terrible!

I Survived a Japanese Game Show

I Survived a Japanese Game Show is another one of those weird shows I saw on a commercial and laughed at and thought “who really is going to watch this?” Well, I was sucked in last season and it pulled me back for a 2nd time this year!

It is filmed in Tokyo, Japan too so the winners get great prizes and the losers have to do some awful manual labor type task in the city. The final winner wins $250k, not too shabby!

I guess I like seeing people do crazy things on TV for a chance to win money. They come up with the strangest games I have ever seen on a game show too! Take a look at this clip and see for yourself…


Ashlee said...

I love SYTYCD too! Those were great dances.

Kristina P. said...

I am a Reality TV whore. I only started watching SYTYCD this season though, and I am so mad at myself! I love it.

I used to watch BB, but it became too time consuming.

Wendyburd1 said...

I LOVE SYTYCD and that Breast Cancer dance was amazing and when the judges got teary so did I!! I love Survivor too! I was so happy JT won! Someone worthy! LOL! And I miss Project Runway...can't wait for it's Lifetime debut in August!

Lee said...

Actually, out of all of those the only one I'm really interested in is the japanese gameshow one.
I always love those shows!

Kym said...

omgosh, i LOVE "i survived a japanese game show" i've only seen it once so far but i'm hooked!!!

BIBI said...

Sheri, this is my first time watching SYTYCD. I love it.

My children love I survived a Japanese Game Show. The Fashion Show is pretty nice too. Even though I missed a couple of episodes.

Anonymous said...

I watch SYTYCD and Big Brother every single week!
I just watched an episode of More To Love. I think it's odd. The girls that were pretty to me, were the girls with the beautiful faces but he let most of them go home so I don't know what that guy's thinkin.

Nickie. said...

I honestly don't watch any of those shows. =( But that Fashion Show show looks pretty cool. I'm more into the drama ones, like the Hills and the Real Housewives.