August 8, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance – Finale!

The 5th season of the summer hit So You Think You Can Dance was great. It had amazing dancers like Jeanine, Brandon, Melissa, Ade, Evan, Kayla and Phillip.

The finale show brought back the “Top 20” dancers from the season to do routines throughout the show together. They also featured the past dancers to do the judge’s favorite routines of the season.

The record breaking 21.6 million votes named Jeanine Mason “America’s Favorite Dancer” and won the $250,000 and a magazine cover. I was really happy that Jeanine won. I wanted either her or Brandon to win, but I preferred Jeanine. Congratulations!

The next season of So You Think You Can Dance will air this fall on September 2 at 8pm EST. I’m excited that they are doing a season (hopefully more) in the fall too. This is a great reality competition show that really brings back dance to our generation. I can’t wait to see what the next “Top 20” have in store for us!

Questions for you:

If you watched this season, who was your favorite dancer?
Favorite routine?
Did you vote?


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad they are doing another season so soon!

I didn't vote in the finale because I couldn't decide who to vote for! Lol! I loved them all!

Anonymous said...

My favorite routine is when jeanine and jason danced Travis' routine. It was brilliant. I really wish one of the choreographers picked that as their favorite dance instead of one of the lame ones they picked.

Sheri said...

That was a really good one! One of them did pick it as a favorite though :P

Carina Blogarina said...

You really love TV don't you? lol!! :)

I love watching the dance shows, but I prefer dancing with the stars over so you think you can dance. I can't stand mary.. she is soo annoying. that voice.. poor woman!

Lee said...

My favorite dance show is America's Best Dance Crew. I've never actually watched SYTYCD.

Kym said...

i didn't get to follow it throughout the season but i did see the finale.. that addiction and breast cancer routine really did it for me.

Paula said...

I loved the finale. It's hard to say who my favorite dancer is - I loved Benji. My favorite dance was probably the park bench by Mia Michaels, but the Breast Cancer awareness dance was breath taking too.

I just posted an award for you over at my blog.

Wendyburd1 said...

I was not happy she won. Once it was final two, I thought it should have been Brandon. Oooh she started peaking, at least Brandon was good since the first dances! My fave was Evan, I love his style of dance. And then I started liking Kayla and Randi.

My fave dances...hmmm. Well the Addiction one for sure! And the breast cancer one. Makes me cry. And the Jonathon and Karla one to The Frames song. Plus a few others. I really like Mia Michaels stuff.

Andhari said...

People seem to like this show a lot, such a shame i haven't watched it. I guess I can buy the dvd's just to see what's the hype about :)