August 7, 2009

True Blood: Season 2 – Episode 7 “Release Me”

This episode of True Blood resumes in the woods behind Sookie’s house where Andy is yelling out for “PIG!” Which we know now is really Daphne. The orgy thing is still going on that Mary Ann is constructing in the woods and she wants to sacrifice Sam. Luckily for Sam, Andy isn’t yet being possessed and he fires his gun in the air which allows Sam to escape. While he is running from Mary Ann with her claws extended and her weird bull mask on, he turns into an owl and flies away. Smart choice of an animal for you to turn into to get away Sam!

Since Andy arrived at the party/orgy/sacrifice in the woods too late and Mary Ann ran off, he wasn’t possessed while the rest of the townspeople in Bon Temps were there walking around with black eyes and mainly nude. His cousin Terry (who also works for Sam) didn’t even recognize him and broke his arm! Crazy stuff. I found it kind of funny though when Andy later walks into Merlotte’s and accuses people of what he saw that night and they all look at him like he is the crazy town drunk because they didn’t remember what happened. The only people who really seemed to even question their “blacking out” were Tara, Eggs and Arlene who apparently have high tolerance for pot and booze and found it odd they didn’t remember what happened that night.

Sookie and Hugo are still locked in the basement of the Fellowship of the Sun. While they are down there, Sookie discovers that Hugo was really the one who betrayed the vampires. Sadly, the reason he betrayed them is because the vampire he loves won’t turn him into one too.

Bill and Lorena fight over Sookie. Not a big surprise there. Lorena still wants Bill and Bill still doesn’t want her. So, really what is a female vampire maker to do? Stay awake with him all day and get sick since they aren’t sleeping when the sun is out apparently.

There are more flashbacks of Bill and Lorena back in the early 1900s. She brought him a pretty blond dancer to feed on (obviously the girl didn’t know they were vampires), but Bill refuses her – and Lorena too! He tells Lorena that he doesn’t want to live like she does and doesn’t love her and will never lover her. You’d think she’d get a clue by now and just leave him alone.

Jason and Sarah committed adultery – in the church! Now Sarah wants to tell Steve (her husband) right away. Jason wasn’t having that though (really, he has guns and would kill him like he were a vampire).

When Steve checks in on Sookie and Hugo though Hugo says Sookie’s last name – Stackhouse and he puts it together that she is Jason’s sister. Steve is very unhappy about this turn of events and rushes with Gabe to confront Jason. Gabe tries to kill him, but Jason fights back and knocks him out and takes his knife. However, Sarah finds him in the woods that night and fires a gun or something at him. What a crazy bitch!

Jessica and Hoyt are so cute together! They are both virgins and really like each other so they sleep together (no sex though). Then the next night Hoyt sets up candles all around the room (blood scented – such a turn on!) and it is all romance from there.

Sam confronts Daphne about her betrayal and what Mary Ann really wants from him. He learns that Mary Ann is really a maenad. She says Mary Ann sees him as a challenge and therefore likes chasing him. She can’t control supernatural beings like she does humans. Daphne explains what Mary Ann is as “God” or well a “God.”

Daphne meets Mary Ann in the woods by the water and Eggs (possessed with the black eyes) stabs her. Sacrifice for Mary Ann? Tara and Eggs better watch out before Mary Ann kills the rest of her “friends.”

The episode ends with Sookie being attacked by Gabe trying to rape her. Barry finally makes it to the hotel to try to explain to Bill what Sookie said to him telepathically earlier. However, Lorena wouldn’t let Bill go help her.

Good thing vampires have extraordinary hearing though because Eric heard what Barry said and he went running to go help Sookie and Godrick. Eric isn’t the one to save her though. Godrick actually does the saving and smiles at Sookie while he is holding Gabe back away from her.


Lee said...

Since I don't actually watch the show, I have a gossip question.
How do you feel about the two stars being engaged now?

Sheri said...

I think it is great. They make a cute couple and you know me... I am a sucker for English accents lol :P

Andhari said...

What? What are you talking about? Who's engaged? I've never been behind on gossips before but what is this? Lol.

Did my eyes fool me or Godrick is actually hot?

Sheri said...

Anna Paquin (Sookie) and Stephen Moyer (Bill) are engaged IRL. They have been dating since the 1st season. :P

Godrick is kinda hot... lol Wonder what they will do with his storyline in the show though. They already changed it so now he is Eric's maker (in the book he is not). I wonder if they will keep with the fact that he is there because he wants to meet the sun because he is tired of living.

Anonymous said...

I don't watch this show either. =\

LiLu said...

How much do you love that Sookie and Bill are engaged in real life??? :-)

Couture Carrie said...

I have to start watching this show!


Nickie. said...

Thanks for another awesome update. For the most part I can follow the story thru your words!

So thanks again for another update for the non hbo watcher. =(