August 27, 2009


Time for another random update on me and what is going on in my life…

I’m home from New Orleans, LA (in case you didn’t read that in a previous post). That doesn’t mean I’m not busy though!

Unpacking took me awhile actually. Apparently I am not a light traveler. I brought way too many clothes, shoes and jewelry that I never even wore. I seem to do that often though. At least I have pretty cool luggage to fit it all into.

I have to also make a few custom order necklaces for Enchanting Gemstone Creations and get ready for more events we’re planning on going to soon. Hopefully we do as well or better as we did earlier this month.

These are some of my favorite necklaces we made. I wore the rhodonite and onyx one quite a few times in New Orleans.

Speaking of… I’m writing the articles about places I visited while in New Orleans. Here are a few published on Associated Content so far…

Beauregard Keyes House in New Orleans, Louisiana

Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville in New Orleans, Louisiana

Check them out and let me know what you think.

I also have been working on my writing portfolio. The link is at the top of my Blog, if you didn’t notice it before.

It is nowhere near done. I have quite a lot of articles I have no idea where they are and some I found that I need to retype. It will also constantly have new ones added to it.

Once I add more of the content to it, I’ll probably make a new header image too. I have a really good idea for it but actually making it is another story.

I’m thinking about adding the “Featured Articles” I have on there to my Blog’s sidebar too. What do you guys think? If so, where should I put it at in the right column? I was thinking under the Wishlist.

Any comments or suggestions? I’m open to hear it!

My internet has been REALLY SLOW the past few days. So slow it is going at just above dial up speed (we have DSL). How ridiculous! It is at normal (but still crappy compared to most DSL) speed right now, so hopefully it stays that way (or miraculously gets better).


Nickie. said...

a) i heart jimmy buffetts margaritaville bc im a huge buffett fan. (see: dad)

b) totally excited to read your articles.

c) totally bummed that you are back from vacay, i hate that feeling. =(

d) yes, agreed that you should put ur button under your wishlist.

e) I <3 you!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Welcome home. Unpacking and laundry are always the worst part of a being away :-)
Your necklaces are lovely!

Kym said...

welcome back! :) those are such lovely necklaces!

Lee said...

I love all of your jewelry. (:
I'm glad you're home, and that you're working on your portfolio!

Andhari said...

Your necklaces are so pretty! I wish I could be a bit crafty and able to make pretty things like that :)

Sheri said...

Thanks :) I also just added the articles to the sidebar. I think it works pretty well over here too. :)

Anonymous said...

Glad that you made it home safely! Those necklaces are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I love the purple necklace! nice work. =]

Anonymous said...

Those necklaces are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Those necklaces are amazing!

Carina Blogarina said...

I think you picked the right spot for the featured article!

And, the blue necklace is sooo pretty! love it!

Cat said...

I know an amazing graphic artist who may be able to help with the header, presuming you don't have your own software... but with all the other creative stuff you slay, I'm sure it's possible you design too! The necklaces are beautiful!