August 13, 2009

True Blood: Season 2 – Episode 8 “Timebomb”

This episode of True Blood resumes in the basement where Godrick rescues Sookie. Eric arrives shortly after and Godrick explains that they must leave and that Hugo was the one that betrayed them. Godrick stays in the basement.

Eric and Sookie try to act normal to escape, but he is too pale and far too good looking to be taken as a normal human. It was pretty adorable though seeing him try to act like an unsure of himself human though. I don’t see why he didn’t just have Sookie get on his back and he carry her out in his super-fast-speed running he can do.

Steve traps them in the church though and the members are all ready to burn them or stake them or something.

Bill and Lorena are in the hotel and Barry while delivering his message about Sookie was pulled into their room. Lorena is tormenting him and bites him, and then Bill hits her in the head with a large TV. He leaves her there and escapes along with Barry.

Jessica and Hoyt aren’t virgins anymore and Bill barges in on them right in the middle of it to order them to go back home immediately. Obviously he doesn’t really care if they were having sex or not. When they get back home they try to have sex again when Jessica realizes that she is a virgin – again. Apparently since vampires heal so quickly, she will be a virgin forever.

Eggs is freaking out because he blacked out again and thinks he did something really bad (oh like killing Daphne maybe)? Mary Ann was possessing him though, so he doesn’t remember anything. Tara takes him home to comfort him and try to figure out what is going on.

Sam goes to his bar and sees that his freezer has Daphne in it. She is clearly dead and is missing her heart. This makes two women that were on his property now that were found dead and missing their hearts. Sam goes to call the police, but they were already on their way there. He ends up getting arrested for the murder, but we all know he wasn’t the one who really did it.

Speaking of the heart, what happened to it? Mary Ann cut it up and cooked it in some really gross dish that looked like it was supposed to be pie or something and fed it to Tara and Eggs. They go all crazy and hit each other and have the black eyes which means they were being possessed by Mary Ann yet again. Gross!

Sarah only shot Jason with a paintball. She is still in full crazy mode and shoots him in the balls. They argue and eventually Jason steals the jeep she was in so he can go try to rescue Sookie too.

Steve puts Eric on the altar wrapped in silver chains and turns himself over for Godrick and Sookie’s safety. Steve doesn’t accept that trade though. Then Bill runs in trying to help them too. He doesn’t do anything though, it is Jason that ends up saving the day when he shoots Steve’s gun out of his hands and that allows Sookie to unchain Eric.

Next thing you know, more vampires come barging in ready and willing to fight all of the humans for what they have done. Right when they are about to start killing people, Godrick emerges and says “Enough.” He talks the humans and the vampires all down from fighting and speaks only of peaceful coexistence. I really like this vampire. He shows he has much better morality than the all “holy” Steve Newlin.

After that, they all go back to Godrick’s place I am guessing for a party. Jason is honored there, but Eric reminds him that in their area he is known for using V-blood and ensures he won’t be doing it anymore. Godrick is also merciful towards Hugo who betrayed him. He lets him go as long as he never returns.

Bill tries to explain to Sookie why he wasn’t able to come save her, but she just doesn’t get it. At least not until Lorena shows up. She tries to intimidate Sookie and reclaim Bill as her own. That doesn’t work very well though and when she tries to attack Sookie, Godrick throws her out of his house.

Luke then shows up at the house out of nowhere and tells Jason to get away from him. He calls out for everyone’s attention and shows them that he has on a bomb chained around him with silver (so the vampires couldn’t take it off him).

I loved how much camera time Eric got in this episode. His flirting with Sookie openly in front of Bill, all of his humorous lines, his hot body, sexy voice, etc. Really, love it! I can’t wait to see next week’s episode to find out what happens next.


Andhari said...

Oooohhh more Eric in the episode is always good. I loooove how sexy he is! Godrick is cute too. But they need to kill Lorena, she's just creating troubles :(

Carina Blogarina said...

I so need to start watching this show!

ps. still loving the new layout! Serenity!

Nickie. said...

Another awesome update. =) I <3 this show thru reading about it!

Anonymous said...

yeah, I still don't watch this show.

Lee said...

Is it bad that my boyfriend watched True Blood before me?
I still haven't.

Anonymous said...