August 23, 2009

True Blood: Season 2 – Episode 9 “I Will Rise Up”

This episode of True Blood resumes in the Dallas vampire’s house with Luke setting the bomb off that is meant to kill the vampires (and humans) inside. Bill sends Lorena away crying just before the explosion. However, he was still outside when it went off.

Eric covers Sookie just before the explosion so he gets hit with the metal and other objects that came towards them. Bill finds them and Eric tells Bill to “get the humans.” Bill catches up with them and he feeds on one of them and sends him scurrying off into the night instead of killing him.

Sookie feels like she owes Eric, so she believes the lie Eric tells saying that she has to suck out the silver that is in Eric. Eric only tells her this so she drinks his blood and thus they will be connected. Needless to say, he enjoys this. Bill is extremely pissed about this, and Sookie is too.

This new blood bond though makes Sookie dream about Eric – in a sexual way. I wouldn’t mind that at all. Really, I don’t think many would.

Honestly, who would mind that?

Sookie and Jason bond back at the hotel while the vampires are sleeping. They say they are each sorry for being mean towards one another and forgive each other because they are all they have left. It was quite cute.

Jessica and Hoyt take the next step – no not that, remember they already did that and Jessica remains a vampire virgin. Hoyt wants to introduce Jessica to his mom! Yes, the vampire-hating woman who doesn’t think anyone is good enough for her son.

The meeting with the mom doesn’t go very well. Though I am sure nobody really thought it would. She ends up making Jessica cry because she can’t have babies and Hoyt follows after her shunning his mom.

Sam is still locked up in jail (along with many other townsfolk who were possessed by Mary Ann). Sam hears Mary Ann trying to get back to him, so he turns into a fly and escapes. He ends up flying around and then shows up at Andy Bellafleur’s for safety.

Mary Ann is still running Tara and Eggs emotions and making them blackout. Lafayette and Tara’s mom are worried about Tara so they show up at Sookie’s house (where Tara, Mary Ann and Eggs are still staying). Mary Ann possesses Tara and Eggs and then Lafayette and Tara’s mom drag Tara out and throw her in the car to get her away from there. Hopefully she won’t go back, but I don’t see that happening.

Godrick is deeply saddened by the events that took place and thinks it is his entire fault. Really, it kind of is. The meeting with the vampire bureaucrat Nan Flannigan doesn’t go very well for him and Godrick is fired/resigns as sheriff of his area.

Eric tries to convince Godrick not to “meet the sun” but it doesn’t help any. As Eric’s maker, Godrick orders Eric to leave him. Sookie doesn’t want him to be alone in his last moments though, so she stays with him on the roof of the hotel. It was really very sweet.


Andhari said...

Whaaat? They only brought Godric to kill him? I guess I would certainly cry when I finish watching this episode.

Jessica♥ said...

ooooo sexy sexy photo! =]

Nickie. said...

As always another great recap. Can't wait to see what happens next week!

Bobby G said...

What a great show! its shaping up to be dramatic as hell!!!!