August 11, 2009

Bootism: a shoe religion

Bootism: a shoe religion
By: Pennia Goodman and Michael Duranko

When I first came across this book on one of my favorite indulgences in the world (shoes), I was overjoyed! Surely I knew I was not the only shoe fanatic out there, but it did seem like everyone in my normal life thought I was crazy for spending so much, or perhaps buying shoes as often as I do. Thankfully, I found Bootism: a shoe religion.

Book Description
Do you forget people's names but remember their shoes? Do you have more than 10 pairs of black shoes? Do you often use the words love and shoes in the same sentence? If so, you may be a Bootist - or at least have Bootist tendencies - and this is the book for you. Bootism: A Shoe Religion provides a voice and community for the shoe obsessed. It validates Bootists, fashionistas, and those with Bootist traits. It will educate non-Bootist friends and family in the truths of Bootism: You can never have too many shoes; Style is everything; Bootism is not a destination but a journey through life with a dynamite pair of shoes; Price is not part of the purchasing decision. Bootism: A Shoe Religion includes quotations from celebrity Bootists like Sarah Jessica Parker, who has admitted to owning over 100 pairs of Manolo Blahniks, and interviews with regular Bootists who admit they even dream of shoes. Sharp, four-color graphic design makes Bootism as eye-catching as the shoes it celebrates. Whether you live the Bootist life or just live with a Bootist, Bootism reminds you, "There is always room for one more pair."

My Thoughts
Bootism is a new word that I shall be using in my vocabulary from now on! Let me start off by saying that this book is a direct bulls eye for any shoe extraordinaire (such as myself). It is full of great little comments that fully justify our spending tendencies, and gives us the meanings of our shoe-filled lives.

It is also full of color and has great illustrations throughout the book. It isn’t a novel that takes forever to read when you really want to be out shopping for shoes – it is a bedtime read that will leave you feeling good before you go to sleep (not to mention leave you filled with shoe dreams). I love it and would definitely suggest this as a perfect present to give to any shoe lover!

*Originally published in Foxy Girl Magazine


Jillene said...

I used to be a shoe whore. But then I had 3 children and **POOF** I turned into get the most comfy pair that is the cheapest and will last long. How sad. )0:

TeeTee said...

Oooh... I'll have to get it sometime, it sounds like a lovely book!

Nickie. said...

I'm just starting to come into loving shoes, due to my tiny amount of spending money and my awesome restraint on not opening a credit card again, i can only oogle. (lol)

But that book sounds great!

Lucy said...

I love to 'look' at shoes but never really buy BUT I'm thinking it comes from being a mom and I tend to spend on everything else because I do LOOK!!!

Anonymous said...

haha, I'm sorry, but this seems really silly to me.
I buy shoes just to go with dresses. I've been wearing the same shoe since 7th grade and can't afford new ones.

Andhari said...

Ohhh this will make my spending problem worse. I have around 18 pairs of black shoes ( booties, strappy sandals, pumps ) give and take. Yikes.

Anyhoo, am I weird for actually thinking manolo blahnik isn't that hot? I think louboutins are better.