August 20, 2009

New Orleans Trip – Day 6

Wednesday we went to Edgar Degas House just outside of the French Quarter. It is really worth venturing off the regular path to visit. The video they showed about Edgar Degas and the house was terrific. The tour was also given by a descendant related to Edgar Degas himself. Very cool. I’m writing an article about here as well, so check that out soon. They do not however allow photographs to be taken inside, so here is one I took outside.

A little later in the day, we went to the Elms Mansion. It is an absolutely breathtaking mansion in the Garden District of New Orleans. This is another article I am writing about, but here is a picture I took while there and I strongly urge you to go to their website to see the inside of the house – gorgeous! When I get married one day, I’d love to have my wedding here too. Beautiful!

On the way back I tried to see where the New Orleans Real World House was. It is at 2618 St. Charles St, but I wasn’t able to take a good picture while we were driving by. Oh well.

While I was navigating us back to the hotel, I realized we’d be driving right past St. Louis Cemetery #1. Being a paranormal investigator, I just had to stop and take pictures. Luckily, we were able to get a place to park next to it and I walked through there alone and took some pictures. Here are a few I took (I took almost 75 pictures in all).

That night we also went on the Spirit Tours Ghost and Vampire Tour of the French Quarter. We had a nice tour guide who was a great story teller. However, they did not take us into a bar or stop to rest anywhere. Our feet were soo tired when we got back to the hotel. I’m writing an article about them as well, so here are some pictures for now….


Andhari said...

Spirits tour? Woooow I always wanna go on these kind of things, haunted places tour and the likes. I mean, I know I'm a wuss and I probably freak out and grip someone's hand so tight but I'm definitely interested.

Wendyburd1 said...

I would have stayed for hours in the cemeteries alone!! With my new camera, they are supposed to be so amazing!!

Anonymous said...

oh that stinks that you couldn't take pictures inside!
That cemetery looks amazing. Is that right to say? oh well.

Sheri said...

Andhari, do they have tours like that in Jakarta?

Wendy, if you ever do go don't go alone. I really shouldn't have either. It isn't the spirits you need to worry about but the muggers and other criminals that sometimes lurk in there. :(

Jessica, you can say it looks amazing :)

Nickie. said...

Another awesome day I see! Loving the pics! =)

Lucy said...

Wow, your trip looks like it has been quite fantastic. You have a lot of articles to write, where will those be posted?? Is it for a on-line magazine? The pictures have been nice and I would love to read about the spots too.

Lee said...

I don't think I could ever go through a new orleans cemetery.
I have enough trouble in NORMAL cemeteries.

Anonymous said...

I never thought I wanted to visit New Orleans. You have changed my mind! Great pictures!