August 26, 2009

True Blood: Season 2 – Episode 10 “New World in My View”

This episode of True Blood resumes with Sookie dreaming about comforting Eric over the loss of Godric. Which really, I love those kinds of scenes because I can’t wait for them to actually be together (those were my favorite parts of the book series).

Sookie wakes up from her daydream and she and Jason are in a van transporting Bill back home when they see that Bon Temp is not how it was when they left it. The town is in a chaotic mess and Mary Ann has everyone possessed with those black eyes we’re grown oh so familiar with this season.

When Bill and Sookie return to his house, they find Jessica, Hoyt and Hoyt’s mom there. His mom is possessed and was flipping out. Totally not herself. Hoyt explains that Mary Ann has taken over her house and the townspeople have all lost it.

Mary Ann is getting some awful meat carcass thing together to present to some God – right in front of Sookie’s house. Gross! The inside of the house isn’t looking so great either.

Sookie and Bill go over there to find that Mary Ann is not about to let her have her house back. Bill bites Mary Ann and gets poisoned. Sookie touches Mary Ann and some light emits. They don’t know what it is or why it happened. From reading the books though, I think it might have something to do with her fairy blood. Yes, that’s right! Fairy! Who knows if that is what it is from in the TV series though, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Sam and Andy are ultra paranoid about the townspeople and Mary Ann. Rightfully so too because they end up getting trapped at Merlotte’s in the freezer! The possessed people ended up coming after them because Mary Ann sent them to get Sam for the sacrifice.

Who is the man to save them? Jason! He seems to be on a hot streak with saving people and vampires lately. Guess those bulging muscles are good for something after all. It was quite funny though that he was able to fool the people into thinking he was “God” and did something to Sam (he really just turned into a small animal with his shape-shifting abilities).

Lafayette and Tara’s mom try to un-possess her but it wasn’t working at all. Lafayette tells Sookie and Bill to get over there to help and get the hell out of Sookie’s house because Mary Ann is some crazy powerful supernatural bitch. Luckily, Sookie is able to help Tara with the help of Bill’s glamour abilities.

Bill leaves at the end of the episode to see the Queen of Louisiana but there is blood dripping from her foot. Is it from someone she fed off of, or is she dead?

Can’t wait to see next week’s episode! Only 2 left for this season! I really wish HBO shows had longer seasons on their shows.


Andhari said...

Can maryann be killed? My god, I hope so. She's been really frustating lately.

Bobby G said...

DAMNIT! Eric & Sookie get together? That BLOWS

Nickie. said...

Hmm interesting ending. Cant wait to see what it is next week. =)