November 8, 2009

Finding Purpose Beyond Our Pain by Paul Meier, MD and David L. Henderson MD

Thanks to Thomas Nelson Book Review Blogger program I was able to review the book Finding Purpose Beyond Our Pain by Paul Meier, MD and David Livingstone Henderson, MD.

I chose to review this book because everyone needs a little help with finding the purpose to our pain sometimes, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

I do however have to admit that this book was hard for me to get through. Not because it is hard for me to look at myself and see the purpose of pain, but because of all of the scriptures in the bible. For some people it may be very comforting, but for me it isn’t. I liked reading some of it, but for most I’ll pass.

The book does contain some really great stories about people who suffered through various losses and rejections and dealt with them, but nothing really spoke to me.

I am glad that I read it and some of it was worth reading, and I’ll hang onto it for the future where I may enjoy reading it more. For now though, it is going onto a bookshelf in a non-prominent spot.

Book Description
A revolutionary approach to dealing with life's challenges that guides readers in how to face them and to recognize them as gifts from God.

At one time or another everyone finds themselves questioning, "Does God still love me? Is there a purpose for all this pain?" Drs. Meier and Henderson teach readers how to face painful struggles head-on in a way that allows them to grow and mature emotionally and spiritually. In this timely book they explore the seven most common life challenges:

* Injustice
* Rejection
* Loneliness
* Loss
* Discipline
* Failure
* Death

In addition they offer the three reasons we often miss the gifts these challenges can be. This unique approach to an age-old problem will encourage and challenge readers to grow through their struggles instead of wasting energy trying to avoid them altogether.


Anonymous said...

I see and appreciate your candor and honesty as a kindred spirit! It can be a challenge weeding through the bookshelves trying to find the right one. I find spirituality is often looking within for the answers, and so I look for meditative books lately that aren't preachy. :] Keep us posted on book reviews. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Kudos!

Paula said...

I also really appreciate that you are very honest about book reviews. Thank you for telling us what you thought of this one; I have definitely found some helpful and non-preachy self help books. I think that the key to a good self help book is giving the reader just enough info so that they can find ways to grow and change on their own.

Sheri said...

Thanks for the feedback! Sometimes I dunno if I'm being a little too honest with the reviews. :)

Karen said...

Honest reviews are the best!Thank you for being so honest and sharing your real opinions on what you review.