November 5, 2009

Goddess, Guide Me! by Amy Zerner & Monte Farber

Goddess, Guide Me is a delightfully created and designed enchanted oracle by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber. It is completely interactive and allows you to easily use the oracle even if you are brand new to using such oracles.

“Award-winning artist Amy Zerner has created symbol-filled tapestry portraits of twelve multicultural goddesses from our world's rich herstory. Each three-part portrait and its accompanying text by her husband, best-selling self-help author Monte Farber, offer timeless advice that addresses and attunes three aspects of your life—head, heart, and home. When your logical side and your emotional, intuitive side are working together, you will naturally manifest your dreams and talents.

Call upon the archetypal wisdom of each goddess and her specialty to help you to symbolically weave the tapestry of your life: Aphrodite for love, Hekat for making magic, Lakshmi for wealth, Artemis for healing, Brigit for communicating, Atlantia for excitement, Freyja for direction, Romi Kumu for willpower, Diviana for nurturing, T'ai Yuan for partnership, Eurzulie for intuition, and Pasowee for endurance.” – Goddess, Guide Me!

The guidebook included is really great with explaining how to correctly center yourself before asking questions for the oracle to help you with. Each of the die corresponds to either the head, heart or home. That number then is used to make up a unique portrait of a Goddess to give you a unique picture and reading to go with your question.

The questions I asked did actually give me readings that went with the question I asked on a personal level. The portraits also seemed to reveal certain things that I was able to associate with the question/answer as well. I’m quite surprised and happy by the outcome of the readings.

I didn’t use any of the rituals with the Goddesses also included in the book, but they look quite interesting. My Goddess (associated with Leos) is Freyja and her’s is “Stand Out and Sine!” which I plan on trying out in the future.

Overall, I really enjoyed Goddess, Guide Me! and would highly recommend it to those who are in need of some assistance from the Goddess and those who like new age products too.

Contains: A wire-bound book with 12 mix-and-match goddesses portrayed in Amy Zerner's NEA award-winning fabric-collage tapestry style, a 60-page instructional guidebook, and 3 color-coded 12-sided oracle dice.


Andhari said...

Even the cover is so cute!:)

Someone should read me btw, I haven't gone to any reading in a while. Maybe because I tend to get more paranoid when I go..but at least I can be a bit cautious, don't you think?

Karen said...

Cover is cute too! I agree. I'll check this out next time I'm in a book store!

Lorinda said...

Sounds like a great book/oracle I love things like this!

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Sounds cool!

Anonymous said...

OoO sounds like fun!