August 4, 2008

Big Brother Twins?

Is it just me or do Big Brother players Daniele (Big Brother Season 8) and Keesha (Big Brother Season 10) look like twins? Perhaps not identical twins, but twins. The similarities are easy enough to see (view picture above). What do you think?

Personally, I like them both. They both seem to be good people and play a good Big Brother game. Daniele came in 2nd place on season 8, with her dad, Dick Donato coming in 1st place. If Keesha comes in 2nd place, it would be quite eerie. As it is now though, she is my favorite in the house for season 10. The rest of the houseguests (with a few exceptions) quite annoy me.


Cyndi said...

I totally thought the same thing when I saw Keesha from the moment they showed her on BB10! Too funny

Daniel said...

Twins - every guy's fantasy!