October 7, 2008

Harry Potter

One of my birthday presents this year was the boxed set of the Harry Potter books. I’ve never read any of the books before, but I had seen the movies 10+ times each (at least). I started reading the books just before I went on vacation in September and I didn’t stop until I finished book 7 last week. I was so drawn in by the books that I didn't stop to eat, watch my favorite shows or do anything I had planned. I stayed up reading unitl 2 or 3 in the morning even! It is just that good!

After reading all of the books, I have to admit it is one hell of a page turner. Even from seeing the movies, the books give a more in-depth insight into the world of Harry Potter. Which is better? Well, I don’t think I can judge that one. They both get an A+ from me! Sorry this post is so short, but in order to give the books justice I think I need to read them again to give a proper review. Plus well, I want to read them again!

Have you read the Harry Potter books? Have you seen the movies? What do you think of the series? Did you like how it turned out at the end? What would you have liked to have seen happen?

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Gee said...

Well I have to admit that my experience of the books was attempting to start reading the first novel three times, and each time deciding that life was too short and heading off to make a big sandwich instead.

But I actually quite like the films. Possibly because it gives me an excuse to annoy people with really bad impressions of Alan Rickman.

Anyway, great blog.