June 6, 2011

Creating Fairy Garden Fragrances by Linda Gannon

Creating Fairy Garden Fragrances by Linda Gannon is a journey of the senses to a magical fairy realm. If you want to celebrate the seasons by creating enchanting scents for your home, this is a must read book!

Book Description
“Mix Up Some Magic with Herbs, Fruits, Flowers & Essential Oils

Stir your imagination and summon enchanted creatures by bringing the fragrances of the garden into your home. Creating Fairy Garden Fragrances will help you to fully embrace and celebrate the changing seasons with recipes for bewitching blends of dried flowers, herbs, and fruits including: Dance of the Morning Nymphs, Pan’s Song, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Enchanted Forest, All Hallow’s Eve, and Christmas Magick.” – Creating Fairy Garden Fragrances

My Thoughts
Creating Fairy Garden Fragrances is a book that explains how to create your own scents for certain times of the year for your home. It is also a book that explains fairy lore and also why certain scents or flowers are used for certain fragrances. The fairy lore may not be the main reason you purchase this book, but it will provide many fantastic tales for you to share when someone asks about your potpourri or when you give it as a gift.

Although I was unable to make all of the types of fragrances featured in this book, I did make the “Midsummer Night’s Dream” fragrance for summer. It smells absolutely divine! I can’t wait to make more fragrances later.

I recommend this book for everyone who likes to make easy crafts projects. These fragrances are perfect for using in your own home and also sharing as gifts.

* Thank you to the publisher of Creating Fairy Garden Fragrances, Storey Publishing, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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Sounds scent-astic!