June 16, 2013

True Blood – Season 6

One of my favorite TV shows is HBO’s True Blood. I have watched all of the seasons and own all of the current ones that are out on DVD or Blu-Ray. I’ve read all of the books that the TV series are based on, and I can actually appreciate that the show has taken a very different storyline. I have a poster of Eric in my bedroom, and I am not ashamed about that one bit. I also wear quite a few different True Blood shirts as part of my normal attire. I’m a True Blood addict.

The premiere of True Blood Season 6 starts in about an hour on HBO. Are you watching it? Drinking True Blood, wine, or some other tasty beverage? Is this your favorite time of year because the show has returned, too?

Share in the comments how much you love it too, and what you think of the show and/or this season’s premiere episode after it airs.


Michelle said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE True Blood. I had red wine while watching the episode last night (close to blood as I am getting) lol Great episode and can't wait to see more of the season!!!

Anonymous said...

This season the HUMANS fight back. Gotta love them bringing US into the fight. muahahaha