August 4, 2013

A Once Crowded Sky by Tom King

A Once Crowded Sky by Tom King is a novel about superheroes, very much like a comic book, but in novel form. This uniquely blended novel also features beautiful illustrations of the story throughout the book.

Book Description
A tour de force debut novel from a former CIA counterterrorism officer, A Once Crowded Sky fuses bombastic, comic-book-style storytelling with modern literary fiction. Supermen stripped of their powers must wrestle danger in a world without heroes.” – A Once Crowded Sky

My Thoughts
A Once Crowded Sky is a novel mixed with the soul of a comic book. King has weaved the two together in a very unique way. He is able to capture the story as a novel, and also add in beautiful illustrations for the characters in the story. I would have liked more of the illustrations (and in color), but I’ll take what I can get.

This is an exciting superhero comic book style story. It features characters that are well formed, and a very readable storyline about humanity that fans of this genre will appreciate. Superheroes that gave up their powers for the good of humanity is the main reason that they made the sacrifice, but you’ll learn about them in inspiring and detailed ways throughout the novel.

I enjoyed reading this book, and imagine that it could be turned into a brilliant movie. If you are a fan of comic books or movies based off those stories, I think that you would enjoy this novel. I definitely recommend it.

* Thank you to the publisher of A Once Crowded Sky, Touchstone, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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