December 15, 2013

Who on Earth are You? by Nick Inman

Who on Earth are You? by Nick Inman is the type of book that really gets the reader thinking about not only a profound subject, but about themselves. It is the type that makes you question who you are on a deeper, more philosophical, spiritual, and emotional level than you probably ever have. This is the type of book that is meant to be read, talked about, and shared with others.

Book Description
Acknowledging that the question Who am I? can cause a great deal of philosophical and scientific consternation, this thoughtful guide helps readers explore the question for themselves. Offering a fresh look on the superficial daily details used by society—such as name, face, and job title—deeper inquiries are brought into the discussion. Delving into layers of identity from passwords and statistics to relationships and spirituality, vital guidance is provided for one’s journey to self-realization. A valuable tool for teaching empathy, cooperation, and self-awareness, this helpful book is a detective story traversing the fascinating territory of the inner-self, memory, mind, and soul.” – Who on Earth are You?

My Thoughts
Who on Earth are You? is a book that asks a seemingly simple question which you have probably never asked yourself before. “Who am I?” You are more than your name, job, family, and anything else you have probably been identifying yourself as for the past few decades. You are much more than all of that. To find out more, this book guides you on a path of self-discovery to teach you more about yourself.

You may ask yourself why finding out who you are is so important. The author points out important reasons this is crucial. For example, you can’t know anything if you don’t know who you are, knowing who you are sets you free, it is the source of ethics, tolerance, empathy, and so much more.

This book really got me thinking on a deeper level about myself than I have before. It helped me to understand myself in ways I never really thought of until I read this book. I enjoyed reading it and will definitely be sharing it with others. I highly recommend it.

* Thank you to the publisher of Who on Earth are You?, Findhorn Press, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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