January 31, 2014

The Adam Quest by Tim Stafford

“The Adam Quest” by Tim Stafford is about scientists who also believe in the Bible and Christianity. These scientists may not have the same theories that you read in textbooks, but their views of human origins should also be considered, and Tim Stafford does an excellent job in giving them a place to put their beliefs forward in an easy to read book for people who may not understand that much about “science” but believe in the faith that brought them to where we are now as a species.

Book Description
"Science and faith should be allies, not opponents, in the search for truth.
But when it comes to understanding the very beginnings of life, it is no easy task to reconcile the history taught in the Bible with the discoveries of the scientific community.
Author Tim Stafford watched the tension between the beliefs of Darwin and the teaching of Genesis shake the faith of his family, ruin friendships, and leave Christians in the field of science feeling as though the doors of the church were closed to their profession.
He believes this civil war can stop. The scientific record and the truth of the Bible aren’t mutually exclusive. The Adam Quest offers a compelling new look at the beginnings of life as Stafford puts questions of dinosaurs, genealogy, and the age of the earth to eleven world-class scientists.

A sweeping book—touching everything from advances in genetics to a particle physicist striving to become Anglican priest—Stafford uses the stories and journeys of these remarkable men and women to provide a new diversity of answers. Scientific progress is carefully detailed, while the struggle toward truth and toward God is humanized.
A deeply informative look at Christians working in science, this book is for both believers and those who harbor doubts—an intersection of faith and science, and a safe place for questions. Whether you believe in a young earth, intelligent design, evolutionary creationism, or something else, The Adam Quest offers a chance to strengthen your faith, deepen your knowledge, and bring science back into the church." - “The Adam Quest” by Tim Stafford 

My Thoughts
Tim Stafford does an excellent job with showing how the struggle with faith and science makes people today unsure of what to believe. Being taught about evolution in science class Monday – Friday and then going to church on Sunday and being taught about God and creation is very conflicting. He doesn’t push any of the beliefs suggested in this book, which I appreciate. He does however present them in an understandable way as presented to him by the scientists he interviewed.

The different type of theories covered include: young earth creationists, intelligent design creationists, and evolutionary creationists. Each of these have strengths and weaknesses, but again, nothing is forced. It is more of a book about the scientist’s lives and how they were able to hold onto their relationship with believing in God while still being a scientist.

I enjoyed this book, but I wanted a little bit more from it. I found many of the stories interesting and inspiring, but it was still a bit dry and more of a common discussion on the topic than I had hoped for.

Thank you to the publisher of this book, Thomas Nelson for providing me a copy of this book for review through their Book Look Bloggers program.

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