April 27, 2014

3rd Semester of Nursing School – Finished!

Sorry for not posting many updates or reviews lately. I have been extremely busy with my 3rd semester of nursing school since January. I always try to post and do as much with this as I can during the school year, but sometimes (like this semester) was just really hard to do.

At my school, 3rd semester includes: Maternity Nursing (aka “OB”), Pediatric Nursing, and Leadership. I had clinical days each week for OB and Peds. For peds we were sent out all over the place doing hospital days, kid checks, health fairs, etc. For OB, we were at the hospital and one day we went to the health department. For 90% of these clinical days I also had to wake up at around 4:30 AM (I am not a morning person). Each week we also are on campus for 2 days, and we have more tests than you can imagine.

I learned so much this semester and had a lot of opportunities to improve my nursing skills. It kept all of us busy and stressed out to say the least.

Final exams are finally over, and I earned my B in each course. Now, I have some time off to relax, study (take a ton of NCLEX type questions), and do what I want (including sleeping in) until 4th semester starts. I have a class this summer, but it isn’t that big of a deal (I hope).

Oh, in case you were wondering, no this is not our 3rd total semester in college. Nursing school is what comes after all of the pre-req courses (which is about 2 years of that). My university that means 5 semesters of “nursing school” and we say which semester we are in. My program is a BSN degree and it takes 2.5 years of just the nursing school portion. I had to clarify on this because some people (and articles) make people think nurses only go to school for 2 years and that is a huge laugh.

So, expect for me to post more frequently and share some great reviews with you soon!


Michelle said...

Congrats! I have heard nursing school is VERY hard! Proud of you! Take your time during the semesters so you can do well and not worry about this on here. We will be waiting for you when you finish.

Ashlee said...

Hey! Glad to see you are back to the world of blogging. I would love to know more about your nursing school adventures. I have some friends who also are in nursing school and they are always so busy and stressed! It is definitely a special calling to stick with it.

Karen said...

Hi Sheri! I've been reading your blog for a few years, and I am so proud of you going back to school to pursue a degree in nursing. My oldest daughter is also a nurse, RN and she struggled through school but she loves being a nurse. You can do this!