August 10, 2014

Essential Oils and the Tin Man – A Testimonial

Most people are skeptical when it comes to using the essential oils for health benefits. My Dad is no exception, and let me tell you, he has a lot of health issues. To keep the list of his short, I’ll just say that he has had countless surgeries, procedures, knees replaced, pins inserted, takes injections daily, takes 2 handfuls of pills each day, and is still in a lot of pain and not feeling well. At least he has excellent insurance. If he didn’t, he’d be screwed and definitely not taking all of those medications.

When I signed up for my Young Living Premium Starter Kit, he thought I was crazy and just wasting money I didn’t have. I am in nursing school, so money isn’t easy for me either right now. However, I saw the benefits and possible potential of it helping me without the use of medications, so I went for it (after a lot of research). Again, I like bargains and yes, Young Living is more of an investment – but you get what you pay for!

I started using the oils, making up some of my own lotions, rollerballs, and of course, diffusing it all the time. The first rollerball I made was with just olive oil and lemongrass essential oil. I heard it could help with my possible wrist issue, and wanted to try it out. Shockingly, it worked for me! I thought, if it worked for me, maybe it would help my Dad, too.

So, like a good daughter, I gave him mine to try out and see if it would work for any of his many aches and pains. Shockingly, it did!

He ended up buying that entire 15 mL bottle of Lemongrass from me, and I ended up making 6 rollerballs for him (with still some of the Lemongrass from that 15 mL bottle to spare). He is on his 2nd now I think. For future ones, I’ll be adding in Panaway, Valor, Peppermint, and of course the Lemongrass.

When I was at my first “Make and Take” party, we made up a pain cream. Again, it worked rather well for me, so I tried it out my Dad. Surprisingly, again, it worked for him, too! When that one runs out, I’ll make up another one.

Here is the essential oil pain cream recipe in case you want to try it, too.

For someone that started out as being super skeptical to it all, my Dad is now using the oils. He still needs to get some essential oils for some other issues, but he is on the oily journey with us all now, which I think is pretty cool.

Do you have someone holding you back in your oil journey? Someone in your house mock you for using them and then once they try it, they are hooked? Let me know your experiences with this, I’d love to hear it!

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