November 1, 2014

Hanes Cotton Leggings Review

With the temperature outside falling, leggings are coming back into our wardrobes. For me, I love this time of year, and I have to admit, the clothing is a big part of it. For a large portion of my life, I lived in Florida where there is the Four H seasons: hot, humid, hurricane, and hell. Now that I a little bit further North, I can actually experience seasons changing and a wardrobe that actually corresponds to the seasons.

I was never a big fan of tights or leggings when I lived in Florida. However, I now absolutely love them and after some trial and error, I found a brand that is fantastic for both. Perhaps you have heard of Hanes? Yes, they are affordable, fashionable, and actually make products that last for more than one use.

The Hanes Cotton Leggings come in a variety of colors and sizes, so no matter what you are wearing, there is a pair of leggings that you could wear with it to keep your legs warm and your legs looking good. My favorite is the black legging. It is basic, but it seriously goes with 99% of my wardrobe.

I’ve washed my Hanes Cotton Leggings a few times now, and they are in perfect condition each time. Just be sure to use a machine washer, on cold, with similar colors, and use non-chlorine bleach if needed. To dry them, I just threw them in the dryer on low.

Overall, I really like these leggings and definitely recommend them to everyone who wants to stay warm and look great this time of year.

Thank you to Hanes for providing me with leggings for review for purposes of this article. All opinions and experiences expressed are my own. 

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