May 24, 2015

DIY Essential Oil Bug Spray

I absolutely HATE store bought bug spray. It feels gross, stinks, and makes me breakout because it is full of chemicals (I have sensitive skin).

To enjoy being outside without constantly swatting the air around me (you know the bug dance, right?) I made up this all natural, super easy and cheap bug spray with my Young Living essential oils.

I used a 2 oz spray bottle, filled it with distilled water, and added in 6 drops each of Purification and Citronella oils. Just before using, shake it up and spray on anywhere you'd use your new DIY bug spray.

Grand total for handmade bug spray: $1.28

For more info on essential oils and to sign up or buy as a member or retail customer, check out or go to Young Living and use my member ID: 1860270 I'll also add you to some amazing FB groups and help you with any questions you have along your oily journey! 

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Lover Of Romance said...

I love using essential oils too...especially for things like this...I make my own bath scrubs and even some of my cleaners are made from them.