September 13, 2009

True Blood: Season 2 – Episode 11 “Frenzy”

This episode of True Blood resumes with Bill at the vampire Queen of Louisiana’s den. The girl’s bleeding leg was from a donor (as seen in the previous episode) and she wasn’t dead. The Queen likes women, not men.

Bill is there to seek information on how to kill a maenad (Mary Ann). She gives the theory that everything imagined itself into existence (aka maenads too) and therefore she is immortal because she thinks she is.

From reading the books, I thought the Queen would be younger (but hey Pam was supposed to be only 19 and she is so not). However, I really like the actress they picked to play the vampire Queen. I wonder how much we will see of her next season.

Hoyt gets Jessica off his mom. Jessica couldn’t take her anymore the last episode and began feeding off her. Hoyt leaves with his mom. I hope they can work this out! I liked them together.

Tara is going crazy to try to leave to save Eggs. Lafayette, Tara’s mom and Sookie are all at Lafayette’s still trying to hold her back and well fend off the townspeople who have gone all crazy.

Tara somehow convinces her mom to let her go and her mom takes Lafayette’s gun. Lafayette hallucinates seeing Tara’s mom with the gun as Eric. Crazy. Quite funny though seeing Eric in a woman’s flowery top though. Tara leaves and heads off to go save Eggs.

Jason and Andy are ready for the “war” and are ready to destroy the town and people in order to save it. Sam however just wants to stop Mary Ann.

Sam finds Arlene’s kids in the woods and they haven’t eaten for days and are worried about what is going on. He feeds them and takes them to Fangtasia with him to ask Eric for help. I wonder what happened to all of the other kids in the town though. Eric does agree to help though.

Shortly after Tara makes it to Sookie’s house for Eggs, Mary Ann finds her. Mary Ann says that Tara was actually the one who summoned her that night in the woods last season where the fake voodoo lady had the ritual in the woods with her. Uh oh! Mary Ann punches her and Tara is possessed yet again.

Lafayette and Sookie go to Sookie’s house and try to rescue Tara but they get separated and caught. Sookie enters her house which is like a little workshop of horrors with the drunk lady cutting her finger off, a guy in the sink that looks like he is playing with his intestines, and then some guy pulls her down to the floor. Luckily she grabs a pan and hits him in the head with it to get away.

Bill finds out how to kill Mary Ann. While he is there though, he sees also Hayden – Sookie’s cousin who has turned into a vampire (but she doesn’t know that yet). She is also the Queen’s lover.

When Bill is leaving, he sees Eric there who is also going to the Queen for help with the Mary Ann situation. Who will end up saving the day?

At the end of the episode, Sookie finds Tara and Eggs in Sookie’s room, or her grandmother’s room and they are destroying everything and there is a weird nest with a huge egg in the middle of the bed. WTF?!? Then Lafayette taps her shoulder (he is possessed) and says he was looking for her.

What is going on? I can’t wait to see the season finale on tonight!


Andhari said...

Wowww this is getting crazier and crazier. Never gets boring though. Only confusing from time to time.

Nickie. said...

x2 to waht Andhari said!

Lee said...

I used to think Evan Rachel Wood was pretty. But then I saw the pictures of her in True Blood.
Something weird happened to her face.

Anonymous said...

the people in this show are really gorgeous