April 4, 2011

21 Day Weight Loss Kickstart by Neal D. Barnard, MD

21 Day Weight Loss Kickstart by Neal D. Barnard, MD is a book I was really excited to read and try out for myself. As someone who is always searching for the perfect diet to stick with, I thought this could really work for me. Did it? Find out in this review!

Book Description
“For years, Dr. Neal D. Barnard has been at the forefront of cutting-edge research on what it really takes to lose weight and restore the body to optimal health. Now, with his proven, successful program, in just three short weeks you'll get fast results-drop pounds, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, improve blood sugar, and more. With Dr. Barnard's advice on how to easily start a plant-based diet, you'll learn the secrets to reprogramming your body quickly: • Appetite reduction: Strategically choose the right foods to naturally and easily tame your appetite.” – 21 Day Weight Loss Kickstart

My Thoughts
21 Day Weight Loss Kickstart is a book that is aimed at those who are looking to jumpstart their diet program. It does however put you on a fully plant-based diet with no animal products at all. Yes, a vegetarian diet.

The book is written as a fantastic guide to changing how you eat to become vegetarian and gives many benefits of doing so for your health. It also provides many really yummy recipes that you can use while on the plan. Some you may have never tried, especially with things like tofu or the veggie-meats, but it is worth giving a chance!

I’ve always wanted to try to go 100% vegetarian, so I thought this would be a great way to give it a try. With all of the positive testimonials and research about the benefits of going vegetarian, I was all on board for this change.

I switched to soy milk and almond milk, tried tofu, ate tons of vegetables and fruit, barely had any oil at all, no added sugars, nothing with any meat, dairy, seafood etc.

After the first day I thought I was losing weight. Afterall, I was doing everything that it said. I decided to weigh-in on day 5 and to my horror I saw the scale moved up by 2 lbs. Ouch. How did that happen? It wasn’t weight fluctuation either because it was 2lbs on top of the heaviest it used to “fluctuate.”

Maybe it was because I also can’t eat gluten. Maybe being vegetarian and gluten-free just don’t work well together. Who knows? For me though, this diet sadly didn’t work. I wish it had. I couldn’t see any point of me staying on it for the full 21 days I was originally going to stick it out for. I didn’t want to gain that much weight when the scale was supposed to be moving the other way.

Overall, I think that this book would really be a good guide for those that want to make the jump to vegetarian 100%. Hopefully it will work for you!

* Thank you to the publisher of 21 Day Weight Loss Kickstart, Grand Central, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.


Jillene said...

While I am not a fan of red meat, there is no way I can become a vegetarian. I love chicken, turkey, seafood and dairy too much!!

Anonymous said...

As a soon to be 47yo man I found this diet very easy to follow and had no qualms about giving you chicken, beef and fish.

In 4 weeks I have lost 10 pounds. And I plan on sticking to this diet since Atkins didn't work, Nurtisystem caused digestional problems.....OK let's be honest.....excessive FARTING!! And Jenny Craig is just too expensive over a long period of time.

A diet only works for you when you give it your complete focus. And I've found this diet very easy to focus on.

Sheri said...

It wasn't the being vegetarian part that was hard for me. I had complete focus and didn't have anything at all that I wasn't supposed to. I would have stuck with it.... except I was gaining weight while on it. It just doesn't work for me. I'm glad it works for you though "anonymous" :)

wardie said...

No one seems to mention alcohol.... Drinking can offset any benefits of a good diet.

Kstp said...

I am also Gluten-free and it is working for me. Give it another try!

Anonymous said...

The body fluctuates weight often during the day, and you wouldnt notice a change unless you do infact carry out the full term. You saw no change because you didnt try for long enough. Tt takes time for the body to get used to this kind of change. Just try it again, and let your body get used to it.