April 9, 2011

Nerve by Taylor Clark

Nerve by Taylor Clark is a book all about nerves and how they can either make us thrive or perhaps make us falter. Find out how to get a better hold of your nerves with this book.

Book Description
“Nerves make us bomb job interviews, first dates, and SATs. With a presentation looming at work, fear robs us of sleep for days. It paralyzes seasoned concert musicians and freezes rookie cops in tight situations. And yet not everyone cracks. Soldiers keep their heads in combat; firemen rush into burning buildings; unflappable trauma doctors juggle patient after patient. It's not that these people feel no fear; often, in fact, they're riddled with it.

In Nerve, Taylor Clark draws upon cutting-edge science and painstaking reporting to explore the very heart of panic and poise. Using a wide range of case studies, Clark overturns the popular myths about anxiety and fear to explain why some people thrive under pressure, while others falter-and how we can go forward with steadier nerves and increased confidence.” – Nerve

My Thoughts
Nerve is a book that is written all about stress, anxiety, and those “nerves” that sometimes have us avoid doing the things we want to do. It is written in an easy to read manner that is readable by people with all types of educational backgrounds.

If your nerves are holding you back from stepping up to do the things you want to do, this is a must-read because it will give you the tools available for your to conquer your nerves and finally start doing those things you always wanted to do but were afraid to do before.

This is really a fantastic read that I highly recommend for everyone that needs some motivation to combat their nerves once and for all.

* Thank you to the publisher of Nerve, Little Brown, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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