July 20, 2011

Chemistry isn’t as fun as Potions Class

This summer I am taking Chemistry. It is the main reason I haven’t blogged much. With that and work I’ve been really busy and haven’t had that much time to read for reviews or post anything interesting. Sorry about that! I will be out of chemistry hell in mid-August and I’m taking a semester off.

I went into the class with a positive attitude. I kept telling myself that Chemistry will be fun and I tried relating it to Harry Potter’s Potions class. Well, we have done nothing cool in the lab and the tests are quite awful. I’d relate it to drinking the polyjuice potion of someone you hate and having to look like them for a week. Not cool!

Maybe I hate it so much because I dislike math. My teacher makes the class more math oriented than actual chemistry it seems. Again, I know… verbal eyeroll right? Plus, it is an intro course and I highly doubt anyone in the class will ever take anything else in chemistry after this. Yet the teacher thinks we should understand it as well as she does.

So, it is official chemistry (at least for me) is nowhere near as cool as a potions class in the world of Harry Potter would have been. Why was I born a mere muggle? Potions class would have been much more fun!

By the way, have any of you seen the new Harry Potter movie? I plan on seeing it sometime next week. I can’t wait!


Kristina P. said...

I don't think I ever took chemistry, but it does seem like it could be fun. Too bad it's not!

Ann said...

I took CHM in high school and thought it was okay. I had an amazing teacher though so that is probably why. I never took it in college. I went the biology route. Hang in there and you'll get through it!

I haven't seen the new HP movie yet but I plan on seeing it soon! It is breaking all kinds of records and looks like it will be one of the better movies in the series. I'm even going to wear my lightning bolt necklace when I go (tradition).