January 10, 2012

Alabama - 2011 National Champions!

Did you watch the BCS National Championship game that was on last night with LSU vs Alabama?

I did, and as an Alabama fan, I have to say that it was a great game. What can I say, I love watching them win! Sure, LSU fans and players were dejected and probably were in disbelief that their team couldn’t even score one point in the game, but that is how it went down.

Final score of the game was 21-0.

Roll Tide! It was the first shutout game in the national championship games, too. It is a pretty big deal.

Overall, I really enjoyed the game. I think LSU played well (at least to start with), but they were just outplayed. In the 2nd half they were just not mentally there and lacked any energy to go on. Each time Alabama did something good, you could see it all over their faces how defeated they were. They knew they weren’t going to win. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against LSU. I love Louisiana, especially New Orleans. In fact, if Alabama didn’t have the chance to play in the championship game, I would have rooted LSU on to win. Luckily I didn’t have to do that though, and instead, I got to see Alabama win.

Kicker Redeemed
If you watched the first time Alabama played LSU this season, you might remember that only field goals made up the points scored in the game. This time around, it seemed like that would be the case again, only this time Alabama’s kicker Shelley was better prepared and actually scored 5 field goals! I guess the state of Alabama can forgive you for being so lousy the first time. The other kicker (what’s his name?) is however, not forgiven. In my opinion, they should really replace him and kick him off the team.

Sports Commentary Quote of the Night
“Fear the Tide Honeybadger.”

In the 4th quarter, LSU’s Matthieu (that probably isn’t spelled right, but his nickname is “Honeybadger” for his ridiculous hairstyle) caught the ball and thought he could actually run it, only to be pushed back and slammed down by the Bama boys. Then the announcer said “Fear the Tide Honeybadger.” I was literally laughing. Usually the announcers seem to root for the team opposite of Alabama, so it was nice to finally see them say something in favor of Alabama while also cracking a rather funny comment.

Sports Bets or Predictions in my Future?
Trent Richardson made the only touchdown of the night, but I predicted that he would. Also right before an interception was made, I said that Alabama would get an interception, and then it happened. Maybe I should start making sports bets.

I predict that next season will be great, probably not as good… but close. I also am unsure if we’ll make it to another championship game next season, but whoever does – I can assure you that my prediction is another SEC team will win it (yet again).

Until next football season Rammer Jammers.

Roll Tide!


Anonymous said...

Roll Tide Roll!

Brittney said...

ROLL TIDE!! I am a huge Alabama fan and this game just MADE my night!!

Mike said...

Glad to see more girls liking the sport nowadays. Roll Tide!

Sheri said...

Roll Tide! :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing game and truly one for the history books!