January 25, 2012

Birds of a Feather Shop Together by Sandra Bark

Birds of a Feather Shop Together by Sandra Bark and illustrated by Bil Donovan is a twist of classic “Aesop’s Fables for the Fashionable Set.” Those who adore fashion and beautiful illustrations will find that this book will meet their needs for excellent reading material when not reading the latest issues of their favorite fashion magazines.

Book Description
No fashionista will be able to resist this witty collection of Aesop-inspired tales that rewrite morality for the stylish. Covering a range of beauty and fashion topics from head to toe— and including the original fables too—this charming volume gives important life lessons a couture twist.” – Birds of a Feather Shop Together

My Thoughts
Birds of a Feather Shop Together is a brilliantly written and illustrated book that contains seventeen truly witty tales about fashion. Among the stories, you’ll read about wannabe fashionistas that turn into fashion victims, daughters who learn about fashion from the example of their mother, women who fight over a purse at a sample sale, and a woman who just can’t live without their high high-heels that eventually realize that their beloved shoes could actually lead to their death, amongst many other well-crafted tales of fashion.

The stories aren’t very long, ranging from a page to two pages. However, they aren’t meant to be long, and the tales really are quite memorable – especially with the stunning watercolor and ink drawings that accompany them.

I loved each and every story included in this anthology. Each one had a moral that is related to fashion and everyday life for people. Sandra Bark really has an amazing way to tell the tales in a short and witty-sweet way that drives the point across without being too sarcastic. If you love fashion or have ever been an accidental victim to fashion, this is a book you’ll enjoy reading. It would also make an excellent gift for the fashionistas in your life.

* Thank you to the publisher of Birds of a Feather Shop Together, Harper Design, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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Sarah said...

This would make the perfect gift for my sister!