February 22, 2012

The Hidden Power of Your Past Lives by Sandra Anne Taylor

The Hidden Power of Your Past Lives by Sandra Anne Taylor is a book about reincarnation and how your past lives can make a huge impact on your current life. If there is something that you are having problems with, this might have something to do with a past life issue you had. Are you ready to uncover some possible past life influences in your life? If so, this book and CD set might be just the answer for you!

Book Description
Have you ever wondered why certain life patterns have been so hard to turn around? Well, the reasons may be encoded in your eternal history-in karmic sources that were set lifetimes ago. Perhaps you keep struggling with money problems, feel hopeless about finding true love, or have an addiction you can't seem to beat.

These current issues could be traced back to previous lives. Even psychological and physical ailments such as chronic pain, allergies, weight problems, and self-doubts could originate in unknown past events. Yet these past-life sources don't have to remain a mystery-or have any power over you anymore!

In this enlightening and truly liberating book, New York Times best-selling author Sandra Anne Taylor explores the energy of karma and reincarnation, revealing how your eternal consciousness can become encoded, influencing your destiny today.

When you learn how to release and rescript your karma, you can pave the way to joy and personal power-now and in years to come! ” – The Hidden Power of Your Past Lives

My Thoughts
The Hidden Power of Your Past Lives is a really remarkable book about reincarnation and the link that it has on our current lives. This book really helped me to realize that some problems in our lives are actually caused by experiences we had in our past lives. Just understanding that isn’t enough to actually make a change for the better though, and the author helps us to re-write those negative experiences so that we can break those negative effects on our current (and future) lives.

The author writes in a very readable and relatable manner that allows the reader to fully grasp and understand the material she is covering rather easily. I was so engrossed in to the book that I read it in a day. I then went back and re-read it and did the journaling and exercises that she outlined, which I have to say really helps the whole process!

The enclosed CD includes a safe and easy past life regression that can help you reveal your past life issues, and then how to rewrite your past to change your present. There are four tracks on the CD and when used properly can help you tremendously. I really enjoyed this part of the book/cd combo, and wish it had even more on the CD.

If you are open to reading this book and actually dealing with problems in your life that you want to change, this is a must read book that can make a change for the better in your life. I highly recommend it for everyone to read and use.

* Thank you to the publisher of The Hidden Power of Your Past Lives, Hay House, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE books like this. Thank you so so sooo much for finding gems like this in this topic of interest that women like us enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I just bought this thanks to you! Can't wait to get started on it!