February 1, 2012

Jewel Mint

Jewel Mint for My Personal Style

Jewel Mint is a really cool website that does a style profile for your personal style. This shows which jewelry that you would most likely want. The website allows you to subscribe to it and then you can pick which piece you want for the month for a rather low price as far as jewelry goes. You don't have to get something each month though, so it is really quite cool if you ask me.

I first found out about it from a Polyvore contest I entered. Above is my entry. Sadly, it didn't win. Regardless though, it is a very cool website and even if you don't buy anything, you should check it out just to get an idea of new types of jewelry you could be on the lookout for that would fit your style. Sign up by clicking this link below:

Want clothes instead of jewels? Check out Style Mint:

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