March 3, 2012

File Your Taxes for Free with Turbo Tax

Haven’t filed your taxes yet? No problem, you still have until April 17th. Yes, usually it is the 15th, but this year that day falls on a Sunday, so the IRS being the nice people that they are, are giving us until the 17th.

Usually I try to get mine done as soon as I get all of the information I need to file it. I’ve been slacking though and since I always do mine myself, I use what I can to get the biggest refund and also file it for free. Seriously, why pay for someone else to prepare it when you can do it yourself? Mine isn’t that complicated, and if yours isn’t either, at least try to do it for free yourself.

Turbo Tax is one such option that guarantees 100% accurate calculations and even gives you free help if you need it. The step by step program you use to file your taxes makes it really easy, and you can file it for free (at least with the simple tax return).

So, if you haven’t gotten started on your taxes yet, gather up the documents you need to file, and head on over to Turbo Tax.

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