October 19, 2010

Legxicon.com Tights and Leggings Review

Looking for some amazing tights or leggings that you won’t find other fashionistas in your city wearing? I live in a small town, and even nearby “cities” aren’t honestly that fashion forward to include new colors and designs on tights or leggings at their stores.

Well, if you are in the same situation I’m in, or if you just want to look different, I suggest Legxicon.com for very fashionable and high quality tights and leggings for Fall and Winter. Here are the tights and leggings I reviewed from their fabulous website…

Loretta 64 Patterned Tights

How hot are these tights? Seriously, they can go with so many looks and always look sexy and fashionable. I chose to wear them with a black skirt, gray pumps and a red top. It was pretty amazing, and I got a lot of compliments on them. The tights definitely made the outfit, and kept my legs warm on a somewhat cool day. They didn’t run, and were easy to put on and take off. Can’t ask for more than that!

Cara 27 Patterned Tights

These have a pinkish purple argyle look to them, so I wore this with a purple dress I recently purchased. It actually worked really well, and made me feel like my legs were amazing. These tights were a little bit warmer than the Loretta 64 design, but they are equally stylish, head turning, fun and easy to wear.

Flosie 4 Leggings

I really like to wear purple, and leopard, but not usually together. When I saw these I fell in love. Seriously, these leggings are fun and unexpected. The leggings are a little bit thin, so they feel more like tights with no feet. I love them, and so did my friends. Perfect present for the holidays!

Riyo 4 Leggings

These leggings are more like the traditional “leggings” you would think of. Except these leggings ruche on the bottom and give an extremely fashionable look with high heels. I love these so much, that I have to say this is my favorite pair out of the pack. I wore these out shopping, and even one of the saleswomen in a department store asked me where I found them at (so she could get some too). Love it!

Legxicon Coupon!
Since I know you are all wanting these amazing tights and leggings now, I couldn’t just leave without a coupon for my favorite readers! Thanks to legxicon I have a very nice coupon to share with you to use in time for the fun Fall parties and the holiday season. Enjoy!

Thank you very much to legxicon.com for providing me with the products featured for review. I was not paid to write positively about the products, or at all. All opinions and experiences expressed are my own.


Lorinda said...

I signedu p for the newsletter on their website to win a free pair. They look great!

Chloe Blossom said...

I so want that first pair! Love the review, thanks Sheri!

Fashion Meets Food said...

I definitely need to check these out I am leggings obsessed.


Couture Carrie said...

Fab tights and reviews, darling!


Lucy said...

Moving to a small town I have found that it is hard to get things from a store like I was use to. I am going to bookmark the website and definitely check it out for my fall and winter needs.

monica said...

i love leggings...especially beigng 5 months pregnant!!


Anonymous said...

Remind me of the NoNonsense tights - they look good!