October 12, 2012

Angel Blessings Stamp Kit Review

Angels can help you transform your life, bring to life your dreams, and bless others with the same transformative power. The Angel Blessings Stamp Kit helps you to focus your prayers with certain angels to help change your blessings, thanks to the angels.

Angel Blessings Stamp Kit Includes:
“* Beautiful Archangel Michael stamp holder 
* 12 angel stamps
* A 60-page booklet that describes the theme and purpose of each angel
* A gold inkpad

The perfect gift for anyone who loves angels, The Angel Blessings Stamp Kit blesses stationery, envelopes, journals, notebooks, greeting cards, and gifts. The angels in the kit assist the Archangel Michael in acting on our behalf.

Each angel stamp depicts angels that oversee areas of daily life:
* Angel of Wise Guidance
* Angel of Wholesome Choices
* Angel of Fruitful Opportunities
* Angel of Impeccable Integrity
* Angel of Clear Communication
* Angel of Beloved Relationships
* Angel of Vibrant Health
* Angel of Profound Peace
* Angel of Flowing Abundance
* Angel of Absolute Protection
* Angel of Spiritual Growth
* The Archangel Michael

The accompanying booklet discusses angels as forces for good in our lives. It also offers an entry explaining each stamp that includes:
* An introduction to each angel and how they bring empowerment and healing
* A prayer, blessing, and meditation
* Suggestions for using the angel stamps in daily life

Angel Blessings Stamp Kit gives you everything you need for the angels to bless and guide your life, your friends, and your loved ones each and every day.” – Angel Blessings Stamp Kit

My Thoughts
These Angel Blessing Stamps are a true blessing. The twelve stamps that come with the set are all beautiful when stamped, and they are really quite easy to stamp with. Some stamps you have to test out multiple times with before getting it just right. These stamps, I got the hang of using right away and even my “tester” stamp area turned out just fine.

Here is one of the cards I made that I keep in my wallet:

You do need to use the stamp cleaner for these stamps because you don’t want the stamp coming off the base for you to put it into the plinth to actually stamp with. It doesn’t come with the stamp cleaner, but it can easily be found in the stamping section of a local craft store (and it is inexpensive). Plus, this stuff really cleans the stamps (and your fingers) of ink.

The guidebook written by Ambika Wauters includes information about how to use the stamps, and also how to work with the angels that the stamps are based on. Each one includes a meditation and a prayer or blessing to go with that angel. Wauters did an excellent job writing the guide, and when using the stamps, it is the perfect guide to use to guide your angel blessings.

I really enjoy using the Angel Blessing Stamps Kit and I highly recommend this set to use for stamping anything that you can stamp for yourself and for others to bless them, too.

Disclosure: Thank you to Red Wheel Weiser for providing me with the product for review. All opinions, experiences, and thoughts about the product being reviewed are my own.


Sandra said...

Beautiful stamps. I will get this for a few Christmas presents.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful set!