October 4, 2012

Willa Skincare Review for Girls of All Ages

The Willa products were developed by a girl named Willa who wanted good skincare products, but couldn’t find anything natural to use that felt good on her skin. She and her mom started the line to make these natural skincare products available to everyone, and keep them naturally beautiful without all of those harsh ingredients that are in so many other skincare products.

Willa skincare products are natural. They are paraben free, sulfate free, propylene glycol free, DEA free and phthalate free, and are not tested on animals. Plus, all of the products are made by girls for girls right here in the USA.

I’m always looking for natural and eco-friendly products to use that are also affordable. I was really excited to come across the Willa products and even more excited to have the opportunity to review them. Below is what I thought of the following products, but don’t just take my word for them, try them for yourself.

Price: $1.75

This revitalizing face mask is honestly one of the best facial masks I’ve ever tried. There is more than enough in each packet for a single face mask, but when you use all of it – it feels so luxe! The clay mask removed the excess oils, cleared my pores, and made my face really smooth. This is also the type of product that is perfect for girls and women of all age categories to use. It is my favorite Willa product, and I will definitely be stocking up on these to have ready for my at home facial each week.

Price: $10.50

Pre-teens, teenagers, and adults often get acne that they wish they could erase with a pen. This acne spot treatment is easy to use, and gets the job done. It didn’t over-dry my skin or make it red, which some of those other treatments I’ve tried in the past did. I was happy with how quickly it worked on some problem spots, and will definitely use it again when needed.

Price: $11.50

This moisturizer has some fabulously natural ingredients to help the skin including: aloe, green tea, mango extract, vitamin C, and eucalyptus. It is clear and helps your skin to be clear, too. The first time I used this, I used a little bit too much and my face was shiny from using it. The next time I used it, I only used one pump of it, which was enough and this time, my face didn’t shine at all. I think that this is the perfect type of moisturizer for girls to start their skincare routine with. It works well, so it would also be a product that those girls could use as they grow up as well.

Price: $8.50

Most girls and women love lip gloss. I’m no exception to this, but I am picky when it comes to which ones I use. If it is too sticky, I won’t use it. This lip gloss is super moisturizing, has a light pink shimmer, is shiny, and isn’t very sticky. It also has vitamins C and E in the formula to help protect lips from environmental aggressors. This is a great lip gloss that all girls and women would appreciate, naturally.

These fantastic products (and more) are available on their website at: http://willaskincare.com/ and in select Target and JCREW Crewcuts stores around the USA. For a full list, check out their “Where to Buy” section on the website.

Disclosure: Thanks to Willa skincare, I was given the products featured in this review for review purposes. All opinions and experiences expressed are my own. 


Mary said...

This looks like something that my daughter would L O V E! Cheap enough too. I'll have to see if they have any in my local Target. Great find Sheri!!

Anonymous said...

This is so cool!!!

Steph said...

This could be the perfect combo for my little sister. I'm thinking xmas gifts!

Tina said...

I have to try that face mask!

Sheri said...

Def. worth getting for yourself and others. :)