April 22, 2013

Color Your Life With Crystals! by Margaret Ann Lembo

Color Your Life With Crystals by Margaret Ann Lembo is guidebook for crystals, gemstones, and rocks for the beginner. No previous knowledge about them is necessary to start your journey, just pick up this book and start uncovering a whole new way to look at those pretty gemstones you’ve been collecting!

Book Description
“If you are captivated by the beauty of crystals and rocks “Color Your Life with Crystals” is the right book for you, whatever your age!

Do you feel your eyes sparkle whenever you look at gemstones? Do they make you feel peaceful, or maybe even a little magical? This book will be your guide to discovering the magic of crystals and how they can help you.

Imagine you are a rainbow of different colors! The colors you are shining are called ‘chakras’ and crystals can help you shine them even brighter.

Find out about yourself, your crystals, your colors (chakras) and the power of imagination and positive thinking.

With this book in hand, go out and create your life, and fill it with light, beauty and color!”Color Your Life With Crystals

My Thoughts
Color Your Life With Crystals is a really wonderful guidebook to gemstones for someone first starting to explore their relationship with crystals, colors and chakras. It is written for people of all ages (including children) to enjoy, so it is a rather simple book aimed more towards kids and teenagers. That doesn’t make it any less beneficial for an adult first learning about it read though, so don’t judge it on that alone.

This book is in full color, and the gemstones featured are all pictured in realistic forms that a beginner could find. None of the crystals that are featured are too expensive or hard to find, so this is a huge bonus for this book. Some books feature gemstones that are quite rare (and equally as expensive), which is often discouraging for those just starting their gemstone collection. I applaud Margaret Ann Lembo for taking the direction of her book as she did. It works fabulously, and is very easy to follow, learn about, and collect the gemstones she features.

If you have always been drawn to gemstones, crystals, and interesting rocks, but haven’t learned about them on a more spiritual level, this is the book for you to take that first jump and start! I highly recommend it.

* Thank you to the publisher of Color Your Life With Crystals, Findhorn Press, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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