March 10, 2014

Birthing a New Civilization by Diana Cooper

Birthing a New Civilization by Diana Cooper is a look at the current transition of humanity towards 2032. That seems like a far ways off in our futures, but it really is much closer than we think. Spiritual teacher Diana Cooper shines in this book to help get people on the right path for the next 20 years.

Book Description
In Birthing a New Civilization Diana Cooper takes stock of where humanity stands in its evolutionary development looking at the current transition towards 2032. This fascinating forecast highlights the new spiritual energies entering the planet and bringing shifts to economic, political, and climatic arenas. Further predictions are offered for individual countries and include a time frame for this massive transition, anticipated to last until the Earth moves fully into the fifth-dimensional frequency in 2032. From what to expect to how to prepare, this exciting exploration serves as guidance for the next 20 years, allowing readers to attune themselves to the spiritual forces on the horizon and prepare themselves to ascend into the 5th dimension.” – Birthing a New Civilization

My Thoughts
Birthing a New Civilization is a very interesting book that for me is more of a guide to seeing how things could be. Diana Cooper covers “The Golden Ages”, the year 2012, 33 cosmic portals, cosmic pyramids, the environment, the economy, countries around the world, and much more.

With books such as this, I don’t just believe everything the author says because she (or he) writes it for us to read. I take what I hold to be true to myself, and leave the rest. If you do this too, there many things in the book that will speak to you, while other subjects may not. For instance, I don’t think orbs in photos are spiritual beings all the time, often it is just moisture or dust, or bugs. However, some people might see it as more. I also can’t get on board thinking that Barack Obama was an Atlantis priest in a past life, as well as many other things mentioned in the text.

Although I didn’t agree with a lot of what was written, I did find this book to be a good spiritual book that I think many people will enjoy for years to come. The overall message is good, and fans of Diana Cooper will definitely love this book.

* Thank you to the publisher of Birthing a New Civilization, Findhorn Press, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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