March 24, 2014

Somewhere in France by Jennifer Robson

Somewhere in France by Jennifer Robson is a historical novel set during World War I. During the time where women had limitations placed on them from the time they were born, it was especially felt by the upper class women, such as with the main character in this story. Lady Elizabeth Neville-Ashford is a woman ahead of her time, and longs for independence and the simple things in life, like marrying a man for love – and not for titles or riches that her parents think is best for her.

Book Description
In the dark and dangerous days of World War I, a daring young woman will risk her life to find her destiny,

Lady Elizabeth Neville-Ashford wants to travel the world, pursue a career, and marry for love. But in 1914, the stifling restrictions of aristocratic British society and her mother’s rigid expectations forbid Lilly from following her heart. When war breaks out, the spirited young woman seizes her chance for independence. Defying her parents, she moves to London and eventually becomes an ambulance driver in the newly formed Women's Army Auxiliary Corps—an exciting and treacherous job that takes her close to the Western Front.

Assigned to a field hospital in France, Lilly is reunited with Robert Fraser, her dear brother Edward’s best friend. The handsome Scottish surgeon has always encouraged Lilly's dreams. She doesn't care that Robbie grew up in poverty—she yearns for their friendly affection to become something more. Lilly is the most beautiful—and forbidden—woman Robbie has ever known. Fearful for her life, he's determined to keep her safe, even if it means breaking her heart.

In a world divided by class and filled with uncertainty and death, can their hope for love survive...or will it become another casualty of this tragic war?” – Somewhere in France

My Thoughts
Somewhere in France is a truly beautiful novel that the author did an excellent job weaving together. As someone who enjoys historical settings and novels, I really liked this book. The main character is someone who you cheer on and as a reader, you really want her to find her place in life, and be happy. However, this is written in a setting with war and devastation surrounding her, so it may not happen as you intended.

I found myself reading this book for longer periods than I had intended because I wanted to know what happened next. It is truly a perfect mix of historical romance that not many authors could pull off. There will be moments of joy, tears, and sadness, but it all pulls together to make for an excellent read! Fans of this genre and of shows such as “Downton Abbey” will definitely like this too.

* Thank you to the publisher of Somewhere in France, William Morrow, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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