March 3, 2014

Wendell Black, MD by Gerald Imber

Wendell Black, MD by Gerald Imber is about a police surgeon that unwittingly ends up in the middle of a big international drug smuggling ring, involving people he wouldn’t have normally suspected to be capable of such activities.

Book Description
A New York City police surgeon finds himself in the middle of an international drug-smuggling ring—or is it an even more dangerous conspiracy?

After a heart-thumping drop in altitude on a flight from London to New York, NYPD police surgeon Wendell Black is called on to try to save a woman who has gone into cardiac arrest. He's just carrying out his duty, but his aid places him at the center of an international drug-smuggling investigation.

As Black, and his English girlfriend, Alice—a knockout beauty and a surgeon to boot—digs deeper into the activities of the drug ring, he begins to suspect that a number of British doctors are involved. And when one of Alice's colleagues is brutally murdered and Alice suddenly disappears, the NYPD starts looking to Black for answers. His search peels away rings of conspiracy that expose a shocking threat to the nation.” – Wendell Black, MD

My Thoughts
Wendell Black, MD is the author’s debut novel. It features Wendell Black, MD, a plastic surgeon that the NYPD uses. The author has a considerable amount of knowledge on the topic, because he is also a surgeon that the NYPD uses. I thought that this would make it a more interesting book, but it kind of… didn’t. It seemed more of a chance for the author to take his career and make a character based off of himself, and make it more thrilling.

I found this book to be good, but not exactly that captivating. It took me about two weeks to read it off and on. I usually read a book in less than a day that really interests me. The characters and plot are good, but it often went on for longer than it needed to in certain areas. I think if it was cut down a bit more, it would have been much more readable.
I can see how some people would definitely enjoy it, but for me it was just an average read. If the subject of the novel interests you, give it a try.

* Thank you to the publisher of Wendell Black, MD, Bourbon Street Books, for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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