November 19, 2008


Wow. How one person I was “friends” with in an online game totally became a psychotic piece of shit is really amazing. I can’t believe that this one person, while even being totally enchanting over people can really do this with multiple people is beyond me. I mean even while playing the original MMO I played with him, he was a bit of an ass. However, he was quite nice to me. Maybe it was because I am a female, maybe it was because I was nice to him, I am not sure. However, for all of my prior friends for YEARS to become objected by this piece of shit? I mean, come on! Seriously, how on Earth do they take this idiot’s side over mine? I guess they were never my friends to begin with. I am not sure really… Have any of you played online games and suffered this same fate? How did you cope with it?


Sadie J. said...

I have gone thru something similar too. If they were your real friends they should have really stood on your side of the matter. Lying fools often take out the good people though sadly. In the end, it will prob be their downfall to trust such a person. Too bad this happened to you too. :( When it happened to me I just went on to play with new people and eventually just moved on to another game that I find more fun.

Josh said...

Your rite they aren't your real friends if they were they woiuld take your side!!!!! Come to the dark side and play WOW instead (we have cookies over here)!

Ashlee K said...

What an ass! You are better off without those idiots anyways!